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1.I have most of this problem figured out, n=10, s^2= 0.036, sample standard deviation = 0.1, chi squared = 3.24, ...

red = 3.24, critical value equals X^2 0.05, using chi squared table and degree of freedom of 9, i get 16.919 from table, i just need help from here on to finish problem
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2.No one leaves home and forgets about it, it’s been twenty one years since I moved away from home, Peru-Lima ...

Peru-Lima well known for Machu Picchu, and the Incas ancient civilization and of course the most delicious food I ever ate, funny to say I never been to Machu Picchu but I have plan to be there soon if God permits and there is no other virus attacking us. My first career goal when I immigrated to Connecticut was to finish high school I just had two more years left, after that was to continue my studies and become someone with a degree my parents always told that education will take me places. A Few Years later, I had a beautiful baby girl named Maylee, I wasn’t even considering school at that moment but she become my biggest motivation to continue my studies as a single mom I knew I have to earn more money and get stable job for me and for her he was everything for me and I was everything for her, and the way I I decided to join school again this time with eager to accomplish this goal. I joined Manchester community college in 2009 and went to work full time in a printing company where was the place where I discovered what I wanted to study, it was my first computer work in an office I was very excited to work in an office environment little that I know, computer always gave me problems, I always
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6.Hello, I'm getting ready to take a placement test that is done completely online. I really need help scoring high so ...

p scoring high so I can begin calculus in college. I have one hour to finish the online test. I was looking for someone to help me take this. Would you be able to help me ? Thanks
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7.I have to finish my Statistic homework by tomorrow and there are 74 questions in total. There are 3 chapter ...

chapter in total, I need someone to solve the problems for me and deliver them within 12 hours. If anyone interested let me know your price and your delivery time thank you in advance.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics