Search i-m-not-sure-how-to-do-this-assignment-this-assignment-has-instructions-that-must-be-done-on-the-excel-document

I m not sure how to do this assignment this assignment has instructions that must be done on the excel document


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1.I'm not sure if multivariable calc is the same as complex numbers, but I hope you can answer anyways :) ...

:) I was wondering in the equation z^4 = m/(square root of 2) + (m/(square root of 2)) i with the answer saying the second line is z = m cis (pi/4) where they got the 4 from. did they get it from z^4 or something? thanks!
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3.In my chemistry lab experiment we are asked to determine the concentration of what I have listed below. I'm not ...

ow. I'm not sure how to calculate this. Prepare five 25mL solutions of acidified potassium dichromate from a stock solution of 0.010M K2Cr2O7in 2.0 M H2SO4 with the concentrations 0.0008 M, 0.0016 M, 0.0024M, 0.0032 M and 0.0040 M.
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4.I was wondering if you could help me step up my chem problems, i'm not sure how to begin ...

estion 1: Draven collected a 1ml sample from a local river. Draven added 99 ml of water to the sample. Draven then took 5 ml of the diluted sample, and determined the 5 ml sample to contained 10 mg of sodium chloride. what is the concentration of sodium chloride in the river? question 2: how many grams of H2 could be produced when 13 g of H202 decompose? question 3: how many molecules of carbon dioxide could be produced when 25 ml of a 0.8 M ethanol, c2h60, combusts with 5.18X10^23 molecules of oxygen? the unbalanced equation for the combustion of ethanol is given below: 2ch6O+302-> c02+h20
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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