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I need a formula found for my situation and i believe it is algebra related


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1.I need suggestions for creating a formula to give percentage Rate if I know the sub-total paid and what the ...

hat the actual tax paid. (See example: ) If I know my subtotal is: $27.99 And my Tax Amount is:: $1.96 How can I know that the Tax RATE is: 7.00 ?
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7.I don’t understand how to write a molecular formula with the given compounds. Why do the Pb and S join ...

join together? I just need to understand how to write a molecular equation.
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8.I need a formula which outputs profit based on rate of currency, I need to know how to plug in different ...

fferent values and have a universal formula for something such as: I purchase $300 of currency A - @ 0.00543 per dollar Currency A goes up in price to 0.00600 per dollar How much profit do I make?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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