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I need a m long monologue about a security guard who just got attacked by a homeless man


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1.I need help on solving molarity word problems. for example: How many grams of calcium chloride would you dissolve in ...

you dissolve in water to make a 0.2 M calcium chloride solution with 200 mL final volume?
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2.I need asstiance? Can you please help me with problem: A 35-N bucket of water is lifted vertically 3.0 m ...

3.0 m and then returned to its original position. How much work did gravity do on the bucket during this process? Thank you
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3. For all b,m,n are natural, the sets A where n is an integer such that n is congruent to ...

and B where m is an integer such that m is congruent to 1 modulo b have the same cardinality. I need help with the process of finding a function to define the two sets to determine the bijection.
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4. Need help calculating concentrations listed below for lab experiment. Prepare five 25mL solutions of acidified potassium dichromate from a stock ...

ons of acidified potassium dichromate from a stock solution of 0.010M K2Cr2O7in 2.0 M H2SO4with the concentrations 0.0008 M, 0.0016 M, 0.0024M, 0.0032 M and 0.0040 M. How do I go about calculating this?
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5.I need help with a few of the questions that are on my past exams. Example: A patient requires a blood ...

s a blood transfusion through a blood bag. If their venous pressure is 6 mm Hg, how high would the bag need to be held above their arm to facilitate the transfusion? (g = 9.8 m s-2, Density of blood = 1059 kg m-3, density of mercury = 13,600 kg m-3)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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