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I need help creating a dialogue in critical thinking about illegal immigration with people in which each character presents


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4.Hello, i need help creating the grading program found in the file. I've already made progress and have written 100 ...

ve written 100 lines but I've been met with many errors. I need help continuing the code.
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5.I need help creating an essay road map! Choose a media product (a book, magazine, movie, or TV show) that represents ...

ow) that represents “old” media and analyze how media convergence – merging of content across different media channels - affected the distribution and reception of this product as well as interpretation of its meaning by the audience. Do some research into how media convergence and mobile technologies reinvent an old format, in which this product was originally distributed and to what degree? Has it increased the readership, or viewership? For example, if it’s a book, or a magazine, how does accessing it on Internet reconfigure our reading? How do regular viewers/ readers/ listeners benefit from accessing all types of media online? What possibilities for the Internet’s future are you most excited about? What possibilities are most troubling? Why? Refer to Henry Jenkins’ readings “Fans, Poachers and Nomads”, “Worship at the Altar of Convergence,” and other readings.
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7.I need help with an optimization problem I began by creating the cost equation which I got c(x)=20x+8y and then ...

8y and then I solved for y in the area equation and got y=8,000/x then I put that into the other equation and got 20x+64,000/x then took the derivative and got 20-64,000x^-2 and when I solved for the derivative equals 0 I got 40 radical 2 but my teacher said it is supposed to be 20 radical 15, so I do not know where I went wrong.
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8.I am writing an essay about social justice issues regarding undocumented college students. I want my topic to be based ...

topic to be based on how most undocumented students fear disclosing their legal status because they believe they or their family may be deported. I need help in creating a thesis statement or a compelling argument.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics