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1.Hello Guys, I would need a tutor proficient in R programming to teach me how to run this code with ...

his excel file. First you can check if you make it to this code and then I would be glad to have a live session with you to do the same. PM to receive the code in R studio format; the excel file for my reference data is attached bellow
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4.hello I have some an assignment on the following topics and I need a live session for someone to answer ...

nswer it for me. topics are: Hypothesis Testing -Two Samples Analysis of Variance- ANOVA Simple Linear Regression
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5.I need help from expert who can help solving problem. This is a 10 mins session to see I ...

ue in the next 3 to 4 house session. See the attached file for the questions list sample thank
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7.i need a free live session The physician orders esmolol IV drip at 50 mcg/kg/min for tachycardia. the patient weighs ...

. the patient weighs 152 pound the medication is supplied in 5g/ 500 ml of D5W calculate the flow rate in milliliters per hour (ml/hr)
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8.I need a Linear Algebra expert available for live session like explaining and trying problems. Going through following topics, I ...

through following topics, I will put together list of all my questions before session as I've studied by myself too. Topics are: Norm, Inner Product, Dot Product, Distance, Projection Theorem, Calculating Distance, Vectors, Subspaces, Linear Combination
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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