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2.I need a tutor who will help me with java programming . - clear solution with brief explanation (comments) - for ...

mments) - for exercise 4, I need clear definition hand written or word ( explanation for the codes) so that it will help me to understand and to record a video. Deadline -> 20-10-2021
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3.I am not sure about an experiment that I need to do. I had an idea before but my teacher ...

do it and to be more specific. However. I am not sure if my solution is correct. My original experiment question was to "Investigate how many loops of wires around a nail affect the strength of electromagnetism". "How many loops of wire around a 10D nail does it take for a quarter to be lifted? ". My teacher said the first one wasn't correct because I need something more quantifiable than the strength of electromagnetism. Also, he said quarter one wouldn't work because the quarter is not an actual dependant variable. I wanted to see if I could do this question instead, "Investigate how many paper clips a 10D nail wrapped 50 times with wires can pick up." and discuss the voltage and amps of this process.
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4.Hello guys, I confess that I absolutely suck at math. Unfortunately my boss handed me what is basically a math ...

lly a math problem I gotta solve, and I have no idea how to do it cause of lack of my math skills. I am hoping someone can help me with this or I'm screwed. Co basically I've got this table in excel, where X (row) is a width and Y is a height (column) of a wooden sauna cabin, the X;Y is the price for a sauna with said dimensions. I need to find a relationship between the size of the sauna and the price And formulate ani equation. I can't seem to find it, the price seems to grow non linearly, I can't seem to find any coeficient. Again, I suck at math, maybe solution is simple, but I just don't see it. Can anyone help me please? Table Is at this link . Thanks for any help!
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5.I need help on solving molarity word problems. for example: How many grams of calcium chloride would you dissolve in ...

you dissolve in water to make a 0.2 M calcium chloride solution with 200 mL final volume?
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6.I need a demo that follows the pattern I need for my exercises, before I buy the package. I need ...

utor to walk step by step in the solution of my exercises for me to learn and understand. I had Chetana Das before, and I would like to continue with her as soon as it is possible. The questions are attached, and it needs to be solved using SPSS. I can attach a sample exercise.Actually I attached the sample.
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8.Hi there, I've been struggling with the problem for quite a while and i have not been able to find ...

formula online to help.. It should be a simple straightforward problem but i just can not for the life of me figure it out. are you able to provide me with a formula or point me in the right direction? The problem is: Solution A has a 50% concentration Solution B has a 100% concentration Solution C has a 5% concentration you have 5L of each solution to utilize as well as unlimited quantities of water to dilute solution concentrations if needed. Part A Make a final solution of 100ml with solution concentrations of Solution A 15%, solution C 5% and solution C 80%. how much of each solution will you need to make your final 100ml solution? Part B using the above solutions how many 100ml final solutions can you produce with the 5L volumes? No matter how I work it i can't make the solution to the correct concentrations. Thank you for your help. John
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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