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I need the regression equation for this problem asap please


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1.I am trying to interpret logistical regression output in SPSS. The model has excellent discriminatory predictive value and correctly classifies ...

y predictive value and correctly classifies 98% of overall cases. However, when I am looking at the "Variables in the Equation" table to see which variable is significant in predicting the model, it says that none of the variables are signficant, and gives me very strange odd ratios of each independent variable. I need help in understanding this.
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2.I need help with my data analytics assignment. The word document explains what to do (Task 4 only), and the ...

and the excel sheet is what I have completed so far in terms of regression. I would like someone to explain to me how to implement the regression in my report and how to analyze the data and explain it in the report. I basically need someone to help me by explaining step by step how to complete the report required.
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3.I am doing a project (my Internal Assessment) for my IB Math (Calculus) course, but I'm having issues. I used ...

s. I used coordinate points and quadratic regression to produce a quadratic function of different volleyball sets. I now have the parabolas of each different function. I was going to use derivatives to find the velocity of each set. However, I am second-guessing myself. Do I need a displacement-time graph in order to calculate velocity? Right now I only have a function that displays the ball's flight path.
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4.hello I have some an assignment on the following topics and I need a live session for someone to answer ...

nswer it for me. topics are: Hypothesis Testing -Two Samples Analysis of Variance- ANOVA Simple Linear Regression
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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