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I need to calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction for a box given the initial speed that slides to a


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1.I am working on a project in which I need to calculate nutrition at a given price for ex chocolate ...

ontains fat=2.5, protean =20, carries = 200 and milk fat =6, protean =4, carries = 150. I want at minimum price I get minimum fat =4, protean =15 and carries =220
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2.Hi, i have a task where i need to calculate the 3 months weighted moving average for May 2021, The ...

eight should be based on the count of sales for the previous period, the actual period and the next period. In the excel you can see the housing data: period(month) sum of prices(K) sum of the asses value(T) K/T value (sum of prices/sum of the asses value) The answer i'm looking for is that for May 2021 the price development in percentage should be 9.5% compared to three month back. To calculate the price development you just divide the K/T value, for example: period 1 K/T value = 1.4 period 4 K/T value = 1.9 Price development = (1.9/1.4)-1 = 35.7% increase. So i want to see 9.5% increase on May 2021 compared to 3 months earlier.
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3.i need Archaeologists on a dig have found an outside fragment of an ancient circular platter. They want ...

They want to construct a replica of the platter for a display. How could they use coordinates to calculate the diameter of the platter?
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4.I need some assistance with completing the attached excel spreadsheet I am not sure how to come up with the ...

ith the formulas to calculate these answers. my assignment is due soon would you please help
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5.I need to do a household experiment in which I need to calculate the torsion constant of a string. I ...

have a string hanging with a mass at the bottom and I need to take a video from under the setup and track the angle of twist using tracking software. How would I go about actually calculating the torsional constant.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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