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1.Hello, I am modelling facebook revenue and I need to predict the revenue in two years. I have used 4 ...

functions but I do not understand how to critically analyze and evaluate the data.
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2.Select a definition of ‘revolution’ and evaluate the extent to which the changes in the Neolithic Era was a revolution. ...

c Era was a revolution. Use at least TWO examples to support your claim. I need help understanding this question and I don´t know how to answer it.
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3.I need to find the derivative of each separately: y(t)= 5sin(3t) x(t)=3cos(4t) And then the derivative of both together. I then need to use ...

ative of both together. I then need to use the derivative to find the gradient of the curve at one of its x-intercepts. I know i need to first need to find a suitable value for t, and then evaluate derivative to obtain a gradient. Also find the corresponding x-coordinate
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4.So I need to evaluate an argument of specific claims in a text, assessing whether the reasoning is valid and ...

alid and the evidence is relevant and sufficient. And I need to know which ones better. “Because she led so many to freedom, she was called Moses. Like Moses in the Bible, Harriet Tubman believed her people should be free. And she risked her life many times to help them become free.” Or “Harriet will always be remembered for her courage, for her strength, and, most of all, her fierce devotion to the freedom of her people.”
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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