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2.a company started as a chain of pharmacy, due to the strong competition, it decided to launch a medical ...

ical clinic I need to identify at least 6 internal and external factors that drive or influence this change
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3.Hi there! I am currently enrolled in an organic chemistry class and need some help completing our final project. I honestly ...

final project. I honestly do not understand a lot of the material that has been gone over in class and need help finding the answers and understanding the answers to the final project. The project has to do with explaining the molecule Retinol (vitamin A) in a lab write-up format. I will attach the rubric for more information on what is required. For my project I mainly need help in the section asking to describe the structure of the molecule. I believe i was able to identify the functional groups, the IUPAC name, and hybridization of the carbons. I need help identifying dipoles, intermolecular forces, stereochemistry, and acidity of the molecule. All of this is for the molecule Retinol
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4.I need answers on 2 questions based on the text of Waltz, Susan. "Reclaiming and Rebuilding the History of the ...

ory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Third World Quarterly 23, no. 3 (2002): 437-48. (in the file attached) This are the questions: Question 1 Waltz discusses four political myths about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and demonstrates they are misleading. What is her main argument? In your answer identify the hypothesis that Waltz targets. Question 2 Does Waltz discredit this hypothesis or not? Keep in mind that a hypothesis aims to explain something.
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5.1. For this question, you will review a process, identify problem areas ( such as wastes, cycle time inefficiencies, etc), ...

inefficiencies, etc), and suggest an improved process. Open and read the Process Improvement (Final Q 1) document which describes the process steps in words and also includes a process map as a visual tool for understanding what's going on in each step. You will need to respond to the following three sub-questions: FINAL Q1: 3 Attachments are the Q1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I need the 3 part question answered. This is everything in the question.. Understand that there is NOTHING INCOMPLETE, I have added everything that was sent to us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ a. Of the 9 process steps in the Process Improvement (Final Q 1) document, which specific steps in that process are experiencing lean wastes and/or process cycle time issues (please note, there is more than one step experiencing issues). In your response, name the process step, and/or the transfer interface between steps, and what waste(s) or cycle time issue is involved. Be sure to use standard lean/six sigma terminology that we used in the course when referring to any of the quality concepts; e.g., transportation waste when referring to situations involving a lot of moving around from one place to another. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b. Which of the process steps you identified in part a do you believe could benefit from process improvement and why? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- c. What changes would you institute in the process to improve the steps you cited in part b of this question and describe how those changes improves the process. Be specific about which process step(s) your improving and thoroughly describe the improvement to that step. [Note: This question ties to what you decided was important in part b question above.] Also, when answering how you would improve a given process step, assume you have an unlimited budget and personnel resources and you can do mostly anything you want as long as it doesn't violate the laws of physics or the judicial system. Be cautious though because process improvement is designed to save time, money, and resources in doing the needed work.For example, automation is good, and also potentially expensive, so is it worth it for the improvement? - you will have to be the judge of that.
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7.Hello, I am taking a quantitative methods class at an Education program and am struggling with HW assignments. Foe ex, ...

assignments. Foe ex, a hw that asks me to look at an article and identify which are the independent vs. dependent variables, which tests are used and why. My need is more 'applied statistics' than actually calculating things. I would want someone who would explain the assignment to me and help me do the HW
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8. Directions: Please prepare 1-2 page single space analysis of the case using the framework below. Place yourself in the position ...

Place yourself in the position of Joe. Apply the following framework in deciding which action to take. Identify the relevant facts Define the ethical issue Identify the affected stakeholders Identify the consequences Identify the obligations Consider your character and Integrity Think creatively about other potential actions Check your gut When discussing c, d, and e please identify the merits and weaknesses of each approach. Me: I have attached the case, rubric and the reading (IN CASE YOU NEED IT)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics