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I need to perform a chi square test the information i have is a survey of sample of students


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1.I need to perform a chi square test. The information I have is a survey of sample of 183 students. ...

n one survey question, 157 answered No and 26 answered yes. What would be x-squared value, the df and the p value?
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2.I need help answering these questions for test corrections 1) DNA polymerases found in extremophiles can perform all normal functions at ...

les can perform all normal functions at temperatures approaching 90 degrees celsius, while the DNA polymerase found in most bacteria cannot function at such extreme temperatures. Describe the differences in protein structure that could account for such variance in temperature resistance 2) Large nonpolar molecules can be dissolved into polar liquids in the presence of a class of compounds known as surfactants. This process is crucial in the digestion of lipids and the production of these compounds is the primary role of the gall bladder. Describe how the compounds produced in the gall bladder are able to increase the solubility of lipids in the polar environment found within the small intestine.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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