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I need to rewrite fourths and eighth as a unit rate


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1.Hello, I am suppose to calculate the wavelenght of a wave using the equation below. I asked my teacher for ...

er for a general idea where to start and she told me I need to rewrite the equation below and plug in 10 for T because its the period.
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4.I investigated a relationship about the daily profit from renting tubes at Water World. The equation that models profit earned ...

that models profit earned is D = n(54 – n) – 10n. I need to find the vertex of this equation, and what does the vertex tell me about this situation.. For what x-values is the function increasing? Decreasing? What does this mean in terms of daily profit for Water World? Rewrite the function in vertex form. . Solve the equation 0 = n(54 – n) – 10n for n. Describe your solution method. How are the solutions from part (e) related to the graph of this function? Are the solutions real or complex? How do you know? What do the solutions from part (e) tell you about this situation?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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