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I was hoping to go through a practice comprehension question i did for my exam


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1.Im want to learn about custmary length its kinda confusing but i was kinda hoping you guys would be able ...

able to help because i have a quiz on it and i really do not want to fail
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2.Hi, I am working on a research project and it involves the use of data collection and analyzing it. I ...

I was hoping that during a session, I could possibly get some feedback/ideas/help on how to analyze the data I am to get.
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4. For a reducing balance loan what happens when you pay a extra repayments aggressively at the start. How does it ...

rt. How does it make u pay less interest and have less interest: Vn+1 = 1.00405Vn - 1817.35, Vo= 34400 The term of the loan is 30 years with monthly payment of 1817.35 at an interest rate of 4.86 p.a Pls tell me the answer regarding this particular equation Q2) How much of the principal has been repaid? Fv - Vo is this the correct formula Q3) Superannuation Something like if u add money without tax why does it benefit your super account I’m sorry to disturb you but I was hoping you could help as tmrw is my last writing lesson for my sac
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7.I am having trouble working through a question about rational functions and was hoping someone could help. The question is ...

help. The question is to fin and label any intercepts, asymptotes, or holes for the following equation: y = (x^3 -2x^2-5X+6)/(x^2-x)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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