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I was just wondering how to give an example of an energy transformation


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1.I am wondering how to set up a multivariable integral under a surface, bound by a circle not set in ...

the origin? ie surface under some surface "f" as bound by the set: x^2+y^2-4x<0 (equivalent to: (x-2)^2 + y^2 < 4). My original thinking was to just translate the surface formula by the magnitude of the radius of this circle and assume the standart polar setup for cirles located at the origin, but this makes the integral very unpleasant. Could i get any suggestions for how to solve this? Thanks
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2.I was wondering If we can work on this past assignment together from start to finish. This is a past ...

assignment so I can no longer submit it for a grade, I just want to work through it.
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3.This is kind of loaded, but here it goes: I'm trying to compare percentages between two groups who answered the same ...

answered the same way for the same question. However, one has far less participants in one group that the other. I was wondering if there was a way to equalize these values for a better representation? For now, just focus on the Graduates column! I want to assume the bold is the percentage and normal font underneath is the # of people participating in the span of a few years.
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4.Hi, I would like to know how I can check the concentration of phosphoric acid (V) in descaler product for ...

t for steamers. I got this: Ingredients: phosphoric acid (V), anionic surfactants less than 5%. Lately my mother/father was cleaning the steamer for food with it and today I've noticed the black residue on the bottom of the water in steamer and I've been eating vegetables from that steamer for like many days and just adding water, didn't replace it fully. Wondering if that could impact my health somehow. I'm a bit nervous, thanks.
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5.Hi! My name is Shance and I am starting college in the Fall term. I completed my A.A around 10 ...

ago but due to complication, the school is requesting I take a math course. I have two entrance exams to take, and they're timed. Was wondering if to save time, would it be possible to just get the solutions instead of having it explained to me? I have a exam that is due today around noon my time (EST), and one scheduled for tomorrow. The school is also requesting to speak to me beforehand to make sure that I understand the materials. I would also need help with that. The phone call shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Once I know that you're able to help me, I will schedule an appointment.
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6.Hello I was wondering if you are available to tutor me today. We can skip the poisson distribution questions and ...

uestions and two into one transformations. if a question is solved the same way to a previous question we did, then we could just refer back to that one, instead of doing it again.
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