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Implement using a visual studio unit test project the test case amount length years interest rate


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1.Implement using a Visual Studio Unit Test Project the test case [amount = $100,000, length = 30 years, interest rate ...

s, interest rate = 5%] against this function: public static double PMT(double yearlyInterestRate, int totalNumberOfMonths, double loanAmount) { var rate = (double)yearlyInterestRate / 100 / 12; var denominator = Math.Pow((1 + rate), totalNumberOfMonths) - 1; return (rate + (rate / denominator)) * loanAmount; } Note that the expected value for this input is a positive number between $100 and $2000. When using the website to calculate the expected value make sure you zero out all the other components (i.e. the home owner insurance)
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