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In a mixture of paint of the paint is red the mixture contains gallons of paint how many


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1.While ethanol CH3CH2OH is produced naturally by fermentation, e.g. in beer- and wine-making, industrially it is synthesized by reacting ethylene ...

ially it is synthesized by reacting ethylene CH2CH2 with water vapor at elevated temperatures. A chemical engineer studying this reaction fills a 200.mL flask with 2.5atm of ethylene gas and 1.0atm of water vapor. When the mixture has come to equilibrium he determines that it contains 1.88atm of ethylene gas and 0.38atm of water vapor. The engineer then adds another 0.33atm of water, and allows the mixture to come to equilibrium again. Calculate the pressure of ethanol after equilibrium is reached the second time. Round your answer to 2 significant digits
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2.(a) A 20.0 L container at 303 K holds a mixture of two gases with a total pressure of 5.00 ...

here are 2.00 mol of Gas A in the mixture, how many moles of Gas B are present? (R = 0.0821 L • atm/(K • mol)) (b) The gas in a 250. mL piston experiences a change in pressure from 1.00 atm to 2.80 atm. What is the new volume (in mL) assuming the moles of gas and temperature are held constant? (c) Small quantities of Oxygen can be produced by the decomposition of mercury(II) oxide as shown below. Typically, the oxygen gas is bubbled through water for collection and becomes saturated with water vapor. Atomic weight of HgO = 216.6 amu, Atomic weight of Oxygen = 32.00 amu) 2 HgO(s) → 2 Hg(ℓ) + O₂(g) (i) Assuming that 3.05 grams of HgO was used in this reaction, determine the number of moles of oxygen gas formed.(According to the above chemical equation) (ii) Assuming 310. 0 mL of Oxygen gas was collected at at 29°C, calculate the pressure of the Oxygen gas that was collected. (R = 0.0821 L • atm/(K • mol) (iii) If the vapor pressure of water at this temperature equals to 0.042 atm, calculate the pressure reading of this experiment.
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3.Q2.BMPractice.5th Your email address ( will be recorded when you submit this form. Not you? Switch account * Required Write your FIRST name: ...

Not you? Switch account * Required Write your FIRST name: * Write your LAST name: * 1. Which best describes the difference between single cell and multicellular organisms? * 1 point a. Single-cell organisms can perform all processes in one cell, but multicellular organisms need many cells to do specialized functions together. b. Single-cell organisms need one cell to function, but multicellular organisms need lots of cells who all have the same job. c. Single-cell organisms need many cells to do specialized functions together, but multicellular organisms can perform all processes in one cell. d. Single-cell organisms need multiple cells with similar structures, but multicellular organisms need only one cell. 2. How does your brain move your arm? * 1 point a. The brain sends a message to your bones to move your arm b. The brain sends a message to your nerves to move your arm c. The lungs send a message to your muscles d. The muscles send a message to your brain 3. Which correctly explains the difference between the respiratory and circulatory system? * 1 point a. The respiratory system includes your lungs and the circulatory system includes your heart b. The respiratory system takes in oxygen and the circulatory system breaks down food c. The respiratory system takes in water and carbon dioxide, but the circulatory system does not d. The respiratory system includes the brain and the circulatory system includes to lungs 4. Which of the following is a learned behavior? * 1 point a. Dimples when you smile b. Ability to sing c. Freckles d. Hair color 5. These are all examples of: * 1 point Captionless Image a. Evaporation b. Radiation c. Transpiration d. Percipitation 6. Which of these does NOT make a new material? * 1 point a. Burning a wooden log b. Iron nail rusitng c. Ice melting d. Mysterious color change Explain why: * This is a required question 7. What would you want to put your drink it to keep it cold? * 1 point Metal (good conductor) Plastic (bad conductor) Explain why: * 8. How does the sun play a role in the water cycle? * 1 point a. Heats water and turns it into water vapor gas b. Cools gas to make water droplets and clouds c. Creates strong winds d. Causing it to rain 9. What will happen when a metal chair is left outside in the hot sun? * 1 point a. Increase in weight b. Decrease in weight c. Increase in size d. Decrease in size 10. What would the weight of the lemonade be if the water is 3.0 grams, the ice is 2.5 grams, and the mixture is 0.25 grams? * 1 point a. 5.75 g b. 5 g c. 6.25 g d. 10.1 g
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5. Solve this application problem using a system of equations: The owner of Dennis’s Garage wants to fill a 55-gallon ...

fill a 55-gallon drum with a 20% winter mixture of antifreeze for his customers. Dennis wants to mix 100% antifreeze with a 10% antifreeze mix to get the 20% mixture. How many gallons of 100% antifreeze and 10% antifreeze does he need in order to fill the drum?
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6.1. A tank contains 50L of a mixture of plant fertilizer and water in which 25% of the mixture is fertilizer. How ...

ertilizer. How much of the mixture should be drained and replaced by an equal amount of water to dilute the mixture to 10% fertilizer? ___L of the 25% mixture should be drained and replaced by water. 2. Darren drives to school in rush hour traffic and averages 24mph. He returns home in mid-afternoon when there is less traffic and averages 39mph. What is the distance between his home and school if the total traveling time is 1hr 45min? The distance between his home and school is ___ mi.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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