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In math class the girl to boy ratio is to if there are girls in the class


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2.hey so i have 7th grade math fsa thursday and i havent learned anything this year because my teacher is ...

is not very good at teaching, speaking english, and controlling our class. Im already not the best at math so im scared ill fail. Also, i have told the principal abt the teacher, however he came from some kind of rlly good school (im guessing they fired him cus y would you go from a rllly impressive school teacher to a middle school located in the hood??) and the principal blamed it on our class .
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3.My daughter has a homework assignment that is due in the morning 8 am CST in the United States. She ...

is a straight A student but has some difficulties with math. Feels she got left behind in one math class her freshman year and has had difficulties ever since.
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4.I am in an online introduction to contemporary math class and need help with this week's assingments that are due ...

that are due tomorrow. There are 13 questions. Attached are images of homework question examples. I haven't used this site before, but after this assignment I am looking for weekly help for the rest of the semester. Thank you.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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