Search in-the-diagram-p-and-q-lie-on-the-perpendicular-bisector-of-bc-given-that-abp-acq-prove-that-bap-caq

In the diagram p and q lie on the perpendicular bisector of bc given that abp acq prove that bap caq


Top Questions me with my addmaths work. Rajah 2 menunjukkan sektor OPQ berpusat di O dan sektor PXY berpusat di P. Diagram ...

di P. Diagram 2 shows sector OPQ with centre O and sector PXY with centre P . Diberi bahawa OQ = 20 cm, PY = 8cm, ∠ XPY = 1.1 radian dan panjang lengkok PQ =14 cm. Hitung Given that OQ = 20 cm , PY = 8 cm , ∠ XPY = 1.1 radians and the length of arc PQ = 14 cm. Calculate (a) nilai θ dalam radian, the value of θ, in radian
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