Search in-the-section-on-the-epic-hero-we-read-that-the-epic-hero-almost-always-defeats-his-enemies-be-they

In the section on the epic hero we read that the epic hero almost always defeats his enemies be they


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1.We play a variation of Monty Hall: The contestant is presented with 3 curtains, behind each there's a prize with ...

a prize with probability p independently of the other curtains. The player chooses one curtain (a) The game host tells the contestant there's a prize hiding behind at least one of the other curtains, and offers the player a chance to change his choice. Should he? (b) The game host tells the player there's a prize hiding behind exactly one of the other curtains. Should the player change his choice? How does your answer depend on p (c) How would your answer to section (b) change if there are n curtains in total? (d) Bonus (4 points): How would your answer to section (a) change if there are 4 curtains in total?
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2.Here is the topic, along with the assignment instructions: Doctors who sit on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guideline panels ...

hensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guideline panels are allowed to receive up to $20,000 per year in payments from a single pharmaceutical or medical device company or $50,000 in the aggregate per year. Specifically, the NCCN website states the following: "If an NCCN Guidelines Panel Member or prospective Member or an NCCN Guidelines Steering Committee Member or prospective Member has an equal to or greater than $20,000 conflicting interest from at least one single external entity, including the sum of income and equity holdings from said entity, or if their aggregate conflicting interest from all external entities is equal to or greater than $50,000 per year, the Member or proposed appointee will be deemed ineligible for continued service or for appointment." Some experts claim that these thresholds are way too high, and that NCCN guideline panelists should only be doctors who don't receive any money or funding from pharma whatsoever. But Dr Robert Carlson, the CEO of NCCN, defends the organization's current policy saying that tightening the rules would lead to exclusion of best experts in oncology and ultimately affect the quality of the guidelines. Write a research paper that examines this question: Should NCCN panelists be allowed to receive any money or funding from pharmaceutical or/and medical device companies while serving on the panels? Support your stance on the issue with solid evidence from eight or more reputable sources and use APA citation style, 7th edition, for the assignment. Make sure your paper includes a title page on page 1 and an abstract on page 2, and is formatted in accordance with APA. Finally, please include an "Opposition" section in your paper where you will acknowledge and explain the views of people who would disagree with you.
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3. Literature Review on Developmental Disability Students will conduct a literature review on a particular developmental disability that interests them. Students ...

rticular developmental disability that interests them. Students will choose their own topics. Describe the etiology, epidemiology, course, diagnostic and assessment procedures, interventions, challenges, strengths, community support programs, societal views, cultural issues, etc. An 8 page paper, not including title page and reference section, is required. Students should select at least 8 articles from peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities) to be included in the paper (DO NOT include articles found on the internet, such as Wikipedia). The articles referenced by the student in the paper should be listed in the Reference section at the end of the paper. Course materials (readings from books and journals) should also be incorporated in the paper. The student should also address at the end of the paper how the information researched and obtained will assist them in their current or future work in the field. The Reference section should be in APA format.
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4.Ken is conducting an experiment in which he spins the arrow on a colored spinner 200 times. He records the ...

ds the experimental probabilities of landing in each colored section of the spinner. Find the frequency of landing on a given color. 47 27 75 25 20 82 44 8
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5.Answer all of the following questions as fully and succinctly as possible. YOUR RESPONSES SHOULD BE BASED ON POSTED NOTES ...

BASED ON POSTED NOTES AND CLASS LECTURE ONLY. IF YOU USE/CITE OTHER SOURCES, POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED. Most responses should be at least four sentences. 1. Summarize the "Solitary Confinement" video. After watching this video, do you believe that this form of punishment is appropriate and/or effective in rehabilitating criminals? 2. Based on class lecture/notes, summarize Ross Chambers theory regarding “unexamined" individuals in society. 3. How are gender, race and aging interrelated? 4. What are the strengths and drawbacks of capitalism? What are the strengths and drawbacks of socialism? How are politics and economics interrelated? 5. Summarize any section of the class lecture/notes that resonated most with you (and that you were not asked about on any formal assessment such as the mid-term examination or other assignment).
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6.Hi there! I am currently enrolled in an organic chemistry class and need some help completing our final project. I honestly ...

final project. I honestly do not understand a lot of the material that has been gone over in class and need help finding the answers and understanding the answers to the final project. The project has to do with explaining the molecule Retinol (vitamin A) in a lab write-up format. I will attach the rubric for more information on what is required. For my project I mainly need help in the section asking to describe the structure of the molecule. I believe i was able to identify the functional groups, the IUPAC name, and hybridization of the carbons. I need help identifying dipoles, intermolecular forces, stereochemistry, and acidity of the molecule. All of this is for the molecule Retinol
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7.Calculating the % an object(A square) is overlapping with another(the screen, a rectangle) Making a tilebased game, 2D rectangle tiles with a ...

a tilebased game, 2D rectangle tiles with a size of 5000X5000 pixels per rectangle. I make every rectangle know the 4 neighbouring rectangles in the map so starting from one you can generate an essentially infinite map. I want to move this map around instead of moving the player around, the player stays centered on screen and since the map moves under him it looks like he's the one doing the moving. So I know the following things: Width and height of a single section: 5000X5000 pixels the x and y location of the center section can be a value anywhere from -5000,-5000 to 5000,5000 The visible screen real estate is 1920 X 1080 pixels big 0X,0Y always stars top left, bottom right is 5000X5000 What I need to end up with: A percentage value of howmuch this specific section is visible on screen, "inside the rectangle that is the scfeen)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics