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In what ways can you use technology and social media to attract buyers using price provide an example of a


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1.In what ways does the osmoregulation affect the blood glucose levels? How does an increase in glucose levels affect the reabsorption of water ...

ose levels affect the reabsorption of water and ions? In what conditions would the osmoregulation and thermoregulation coordinate their responses to regulate homeostatic responses? In what ways can thermoregulation impact the osmoregulation within the body? What are the consequences of correcting the imbalance for hyperthermia and hypothermia? How does Hyperthermia (elevated temperature) and Hypothermia (lowered temperature) affect the homeostatic regulation of temperature in the body?
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2.Develop a brief snapshot that you could give to a colleague traveling to these countries outlining the key cultural differences ...

he key cultural differences and similarities between Australia and Japan. In what ways might these differences reduce message clarity in the exchange between the visitors and their hosts? Using the AIA model of interpersonal communication from chapter 5, explore the communication behaviors between the Australian visitors and their Japanese hosts. What special role did Takeshi play in these dynamics? Based on your assessment of this case, what were the primary clashes in cultures, customs, and expectations between the two groups? While hierarchy was clearly evident among the Japanese executives, it was not among the Australians. How do you think the Japanese made sense out of this? Explain. What cultural assumptions, if any, did each side make about the other in their approach to communicating? Were these assumptions accurate? What can you learn about any culturally mediated cognition (or information processing) involved in this case (see chapter 5)? What can you learn about the use—or lack of use—of communication protocols in this case (see chapter 5)? Women are not allowed in many of the more important dining and drinking establishments because of restrictive customs and traditions. Many of these are ‘members only.’ In view of this, how can women break into these inner circles where critical business decisions are often made? How could Robert and Luke have better prepared themselves for their visit to Japan? What lessons does this case offer for global managers visiting a foreign country? What lessons does this case offer for host managers?
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3.I need help with my English essay that is discussing how effective communication can be portrayed in different ways using ...

different ways using 2 speeches we analyzed in class and one of our choice. Here is my introduction: What is effective communication? To most people, effective communication is merely just exchanging information, but in order for communication to be effective, it must reach a deeper level of understanding from both sides. Effective communication must be both understood by the audience and conveyed clearly by the speaker. The audience has to be able to understand a person’s emotions and intentions behind their perspective of the topic. Although there are many ways for a person to achieve the skill of effective communication, the process of epitomizing one’s point of view is not always the easiest task to master. After analyzing various speeches, it is evident that effective communication is most clearly displayed through the speaker’s ability to know the audience as well as establishing themselves as an erudite on the topic in order to alter the opinions of the audience.
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4.1.What are some ways that the nitrogen cycle overlaps with or influences the oxygen and carbon cycles ? 2.Are any of ...

s ? 2.Are any of these interactions between the cycles positive, or so describe at least one (hint yes) 3.Are any negative if so describe at least one (hint yes)? 4.What about when the nitrogen cycle is thrown off balance by the Hager Bosch process? 5.How can that influence the oxygen and carbon cycles? 6.Are these other cycles involved that have not been mentioned in this journal ( hint yes ) what are they ? 7.Finally, what does this discussion suggest about the nature of the earth as one large system ?
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5.Write 100-200 words answering the following questions: Who is someone whose assistance/support you will need most in achieving your goals? What kind ...

u will need most in achieving your goals? What kind of assistance can this person provide? In what specific ways does having this person's support assist you in reaching your goals?
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6. When to balance dice are rolled, there are 36 possible outcomes. Find the probability that the sum is ...

is a multiple of three or greater than eight. A certain game consist of rolling a single fair die and pays off as follows nine dollars for a six, six dollars for a five, one dollar for four and no payoffs otherwise.Find the expected winnings for this game. A fair die is rolled four times. A 6 is considered success While all other outcomes are failures find the probability of three successes. A pet store has nine puppies including 4 poodles 3 terriers and 2 retrievers. If Rebecca an errand in that order each select one puppy at random without replacement find the probability that Aaron select a retriever given that from last Rebecca selects a poodle. Experience shows that a ski lodge will be for (166 guests) if there is a heavy snowfall in December, well only partially full (52 guests) With a light snowfall. What is the expected number of guests if the probability for a heavy snowfall is 0.40? I assume that heavy snowfall and light snowfall are the only two possibilities. A pet store has six puppies Including two poodles two Terriers and to retrievers. If Rebecca and Aaron in that order each select one puppy random with replacement (They both may select the same one) Find the probability That Rebecca selects a terrier and Aaron selects a retriever. Three married couples arrange themselves randomly in six consecutive seats in a row. Determine (A) the number of ways the following event can occur, And (B) the probability of the event. (The denominator of the probability fraction will be 6!=720, The total number of ways to arrange six items ). Each man was that immediately to the right of his wife. A coin is tossed five times. Find the probability that all our heads. Find the probability that at least three are heads. A certain prescription drug is known to produce undesirable facts and 35% of all patients due to drug. Among a random sample of a patient using a drug find the probability of the stated event. Exactly 5 have undesired effects. 10,000 raffle tickets are sold. One first prize of 1600, for second prizes of 800 each, And 9/3 prizes of 300 each or to be awarded with all winners selected randomly. If you purchase one ticket what are your expected winnings. Suppose a charitable organization decides to Raise money by raffling A trip worth 500. If 3000 tickets are sold at one dollar each find the expected net winnings for a person who buys one ticket. Round to the nearest cent Three men and seven women are waiting to be interviewed for jobs. If they are selected in random order find the probability that all men will be interviewed first A fair diet is rolled. What is the probability of rolling on our number or a number less than three. The pet store has 15 puppies, including five poodles, five Terriers, and five retrievers. If Rebecca and Aaron, in that order, select one puppy at random without replacement, find the probability that both select a poodle Beth is taking a nine question multiple-choice test for which each question Has three answer choices, only one of which is correct. Beth decides on answering By rolling a fair die And making the first answer choice if the die shows one or two, The second If the die shows three or four, and the third if the die shows five or six. Find the probability of the stated event. Exactly 6 correct answers For the experiment of drawing a single card from a standard 52 card deck find (a) the probability and (b) the odds are in favor that they do not drive six
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7.Question 1: suppose the dealer has an an Ace showing, you have a 3 and an 8 in your hand, ...

r player at the table is showing a 5 and 6. Compute the expected value of a one-dollar insurance bet under these circumstances Question 2: Suppose that( perhaps after being hit one or more times) you have cards addings up to 18. Using the table provided in these notes, compute the probability that you will lose, and the probability that you will tie. Question 3: The "Royal Hand" consists of King and Queens of the same suit. Compute the probability of being dealt a Royal Hand in the first two cards. Question 4: Compute the probability that you will initially be dealt two cards adding up to exactly 20. ( First think about how many ways two cards can up to 20 in blackjack.) Question 5: You have two 9s in your hand. The dealer is showing a 7, and the only other player at the table is sowing a King and a 9. If you ask to be hit, what is the probability that you will bust on the next card?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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