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Let p be the statement maria learns discrete mathematics and q the statement maria will find a good job express the


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1.Let P and Q be 2*2 matrices such that P^3-PQ^2=0, which one of the following is the most correct conclusion? ...

clusion? a) P^2=Q^2, b) PQ=QP, c) At lest one of P=Q or Q=-P or Q=0 is true, d) none of above are true
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2.At a price of $1.04 per roll, the supply of toilet paper in a large town is 25,000 rolls, and ...

mand is 18,200 rolls. When the demand increases to 26,200 rolls, the supply is 20,000 and the price is $1.24 per roll. Let x be the quantity in thousands of rolls. The table below gives the price-supply and price-demand equations. Price Equations for Toilet Paper Type Equation Price-Supply P = -0.04x + 2.04 Price-Demand P = 0.025x + 1.495 QUESTION 1 Find the supply at a price of $2 per roll. 1000 rolls 10,000 rolls 1 roll 5000 rolls QUESTION 2 Find the demand at a price of $2 per roll. 20.2 rolls 202 rolls 20,200 rolls 500 rolls QUESTION 3 Use the substitution method to find the equilibrium quantity. Round x to the nearest tenth first and then convert to thousands. Include the units in your answer. QUESTION 4 What is the equilibrium price? Write the answer in dollars and cents, rounding to the nearest cent.
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4.I found this question in a book a while ago and don't know how to solve it. I try to ...

self. "Let A, B, C, D be points in this order on the line g and let P be a point in the plane that is not on g." Show, if the inequality |AP|+|DP|>|BP|+|CP| holds for all points P that do not lie on g, that |AB|=|CD|" I appreciate all ideas or solutions :)
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6.I've got a question I'm unsure about: Let L be the linear transformation on R^2 that reflects each point P ...

oint P across the line y = kx (k > 0). a) Show that v1 = [1 k] and v2 = [-k 1] are eigenvectors of L.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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