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Machines a and b take hours to make widget working together if machine a s rate is doubled they


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1.Machines A and B take 3 hours to make 1 widget working together! If machine A’s rate is doubled they ...

ey will both take 2 hours to make 1 widget! How many hours does it take machine A working alone to make 1 widget?
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2.I need help with the following problem: Each unit of a product can be made on either machine A or machine ...

achine B. The nature of the machines makes their cost functions differ. Total cost is given by ​C(x,y)equalsUpper C left parenthesis x right parenthesisplusUpper C left parenthesis y right parenthesis. How many units should be made on each machine in order to minimize total costs if xplusyequals19 comma 740 units are​ required? The minimum total cost is achieved when ___ units are produced on machine A and ___ units are produced on machine B
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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