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3.hI I need help with a FINITE MATH question. In a survey of high school graduates, it was found that ...

if a graduate went on to college full time, there was a 23% chance that they would work at the same time. If a graduate attended college part time, there was a 79% chance that they would work at the same time. If a high school graduate didn't go on to college, there was a 93% chance that they would work. At the time of the survey, 66% of high school graduates attended college full time and 20% of high school graduates attended college part time. If a randomly selected high school graduate worked, what is the probability that they attended college full time? Enter your answer in decimal form and round to four decimal places if necessary. You may want to look at pages 42 through 45 in the notes (videos 30 through 32). If a randomly selected high school graduate worked, probability that they attended college full time =
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6.Hello I am a father of two children, one in the IB DP now, and the other is in 9th grade. ...

oking for an online math and SAT/ACT tutor, possibly an IB Math tutor as well.  My children are native English speakers, but go to an international school. They are looking to attend an English speaking school for the university.  Can you please let me know the price range I am expected to pay per hour? Also, I haven’t had some of the best experiences in the past with someone claiming that they could help with SAT only to find out that they weren’t qualified. At this point, I will need a way to demonstrate your expertise as an SAT or ACT tutor. Also, for IB Math, if you are able to do both.  I look forward to hearing from you. Just to let you know, I have other friends looking for a similar tutor. Please make sure to send your CV, and a personal statement if you have one, so I can better understand your teaching/tutoring philosophy better.  Oh yes, where are you located for time zone differences?  Best, Edward Rochman
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7.Hi! My name is Shance and I am starting college in the Fall term. I completed my A.A around 10 ...

ago but due to complication, the school is requesting I take a math course. I have two entrance exams to take, and they're timed. Was wondering if to save time, would it be possible to just get the solutions instead of having it explained to me? I have a exam that is due today around noon my time (EST), and one scheduled for tomorrow. The school is also requesting to speak to me beforehand to make sure that I understand the materials. I would also need help with that. The phone call shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Once I know that you're able to help me, I will schedule an appointment.
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8.I need help with a doctoral statistics course. I am not good with math and have anxiety regarding statistics. I ...

atistics. I attempted help with an online school tutor and he informed me that he could not help me because I had a Mac and he used windows! UGH!
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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