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My daughter is in algebra ii and is in immediate need of help with her take home test on quadratics


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1.My daughter Emelia likes to dress herself in the morning. Two of her favourite things to wear is anything pink ...

thing pink and dresses. There are 25 items hung up in her closet; 10 are dresses, 16 are pink items, and 6 are pink dresses. Using a venn diagram or the principle of inclusion/exclusion determine how many items in her closet are either a dress or pink.
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2.My daughter has a homework assignment that is due in the morning 8 am CST in the United States. She ...

is a straight A student but has some difficulties with math. Feels she got left behind in one math class her freshman year and has had difficulties ever since.
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3.Hello, I'm looking for a High School Math tutor for my daughter (9th Grade Algebra), she is having difficulty in ...

ifficulty in this class. She will share her current lesson with Tutor so they know the material. Thank you.
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4.My daughter is in 7th grade and in homeschool. I am looking for a math tutor for her. She needs ...

ork on: Rates & proportional relationships, Expressions, equations, & inequalities, Geometry and Statistics and probability. This would be someone who can start tutoring her now and tutor her at least through the summer.
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6.I am looking for a math tutors to teach my daughter in high school math courses like Algebra,Geometry, calculus ...

y, calculus classes through web. Please let me know if you have experience in teaching US High school syllabus . We live in Richmond, Virginia USA. Also, Looking for a math tutor for my son, he is Business undergraduate class.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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