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My question is given the following points find the slope and then write the equation in point slope form


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1.I was told to do an investigation for my school where I found that the cost and energy used of ...

ances can vary between brands. I am given a follow-up question to answer which I am stuck on. The question is , " What are the implications of your findings for social or economic issues in Ontario?" Could you hello me answer this question?
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2.To whom it may concern, I would like this assignment marked please. A percentage out of 100% given for this assessment ...

n for this assessment task please and when giving me a percentage out of 100% for this assessment task I need to be giving a mark where the percentage is at least 50% out of 100% please. Attached with this message is my assignment that I completed and I will send the assignment question to the tutor that marks my assignment as I can't attach my assignment question with this question I am writing. Thanks Ken Bushby
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3.Im a freshman at college and my linear algebra book has this question (attached) that goes against all the propositions ...

ll the propositions given before. Is there a mistake in my book or am i solving this the wrong way?
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4.I was wondering if you could help me step up my chem problems, i'm not sure how to begin ...

estion 1: Draven collected a 1ml sample from a local river. Draven added 99 ml of water to the sample. Draven then took 5 ml of the diluted sample, and determined the 5 ml sample to contained 10 mg of sodium chloride. what is the concentration of sodium chloride in the river? question 2: how many grams of H2 could be produced when 13 g of H202 decompose? question 3: how many molecules of carbon dioxide could be produced when 25 ml of a 0.8 M ethanol, c2h60, combusts with 5.18X10^23 molecules of oxygen? the unbalanced equation for the combustion of ethanol is given below: 2ch6O+302-> c02+h20
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5.To whom it may concern, Attached with this assignment is my assignment question and marking rubric which is apart of one ...

c which is apart of one document and another document has the assignment I completed for this assignment. If a mark of 50% or more could be given for this assignment that would be great please and if you can't do that please don't mark this assignment. Thanks Ken Bushby
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6.i'm a non english speaking person interested in college math i'm not a student , just an hobbyist i' wonder if some ...

i' wonder if some one can help me to explain the hyperbolic metric ds^2 = \frac{(dx^1)^2 + (dx^2)^2}{R^2 - (x^1+x^2)^2} in many textbooks this metric is given as a definition. But i want to know why it seems to me that some calculation is "behind" this formulae. and that is my question
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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