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Need a tutor every thursday let me know please thank you


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2.I'm going to need a very good tutor that's good in statistics and has to be familiar with the JASP ...

oftware. My homework will be due every sunday so I need help before y due date. Also I'm willing to $5-15 per homework. If interest let me know!
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3.My son‘IQ is 132. He attended the 4th grade only a couple of weeks before jumping up to the 5th ...

ade. Now he is a middle school student, 6th grader. I need a tutor experienced to handle smart students like him and help him: * gain fun and inspire creativity and enthusiasm out of whatever subject he is eager to learn * study math following khan academy or the similar systematically with a syllabus, * make progress/improvements demonstrable through regular testing results and etc * study python coding or the similar. Use fun programs appropriate for children * or study chess Prefer a fixed schedule every week in the US. Eastern afternoon.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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