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4.Hello, i am anna. I need help in calculating areas and perimeters of a bearing. i need some help in the ...

the main theory of bearings and a bit of statistics if that is ok for anyone?
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5. Need help calculating concentrations listed below for lab experiment. Prepare five 25mL solutions of acidified potassium dichromate from a stock ...

ons of acidified potassium dichromate from a stock solution of 0.010M K2Cr2O7in 2.0 M H2SO4with the concentrations 0.0008 M, 0.0016 M, 0.0024M, 0.0032 M and 0.0040 M. How do I go about calculating this?
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6.Hello, I am taking a quantitative methods class at an Education program and am struggling with HW assignments. Foe ex, ...

assignments. Foe ex, a hw that asks me to look at an article and identify which are the independent vs. dependent variables, which tests are used and why. My need is more 'applied statistics' than actually calculating things. I would want someone who would explain the assignment to me and help me do the HW
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7.Hello! I need help on this problem, it's a multiple choice. Which of the following us not used in calculating acceleration? A) ...

calculating acceleration? A) initial velocity B) Average velocity C) Time interval D) Final velocity
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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