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1.I would need help in 2 weeks I'm starting my chemistry class it's Gen Chem 2. I will need approximately ...

ely 1 hour of tutoring or 1.5. On a Wednesday, at 11 am. Would you be available? Thank you.
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2.Hi! I got a 23 composite on my first ACT (30E 18M 22S 24R) I want to end up with ...

ch is a big jump. I need help with strategizing the science and reading sections so I can finish. I will also need that help with Math but I also need to learn a lot of content. How many hours would you recommend? I am willing to put in work outside of tutoring to take as many practice tests as possible. My twin brother got an 18 Composite and wants to raise it to a 29 C. Do you do group sessions?
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