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6.URGENT PLZZZ PLZZ ANSWER Coupon redemption, a strategy for spurring sales, is the variable of interest to this study. Needless to ...

erest to this study. Needless to say, this sales strategy will be effective when the distribution channels for the product in question are well planned, when there is sufficient advertising to let the consumers know about the promotion, when the package clearly indicates the coupon redemption scheme with the expiration date, if any, and the packaging of the product is of the right size (neither too big nor too small to serve the needs of the consumer). Of course, all these factors will not help, unless there is an established frequent need for the product for consumers. Develop a theoretical framework for the above mentioned scenario. (5 marks) Ques. 14 Read the following information identify the concepts and develop a conceptual model for the scenario below. Incidence of smoking in movies has started to increase again, after having declined for several decades. According to the National Cancer Institute smoking is seen in at least three out of four contemporary box office hits. What's more, identifiable cigarette brands appeared in about one-third of all movies in 2019. Exposure to smoking in movies is an important predictor of adolescent smoking initiation: smoking in movies has been shown to affect adolescents' intentions to start smoking. In turn, the intentions to start smoking are determined by a more positive attitude toward smoking after seeing a film character smoke. Recent research has revealed that the relationship between seeing a film character smoke and the attitude toward smoking is stronger when a person's identification with a film character increases. These findings are consistent with social learning theory, which predicts that attitudes and behaviors are modeled by observing the behaviors of others. HELP URGENT PLZ RESEARCH SUBJECT QUESTION IS NOT INCOMPLETE OR MISSING 1)Dorothy Dunning , Chief Production Manager , was on top of the world just two years ago . In her nontraditional job , she was cited to be the real backbone of the company , and her performance was in no small measure responsible for the mergers the institution was contemplating with other well - known global corporations . Of late though , the products of the company had to be recalled several times owing to safety concerns . Quality glitches and production delays also plagued the company . To project a good image to consumers , Dunning developed a very reassuring web site and made sweeping changes in the manufacturing processes to enhance the quality of the product , minimize defects , and enhance the efficiency of the workers , A year after all these changes , the company continues to recall defective products ! Do you think so research might have solved the Dorothy problem , if yes how ? (Be specific while answering and plan the body of writing recalling the concept of research ) 3marks 2) The GAAP ( Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ) do an unacceptable job of accounting for the principal activities of the Information Age companies . Today , investors are in the dark because the accounting is irrelevant . The basic purpose of accounting is to provide useful information to help investors make rational investment , credit , and similar decisions , but today's most important assets and activities - intellectual capital and knowledge work are totally ignored . Professor Robert A. Howell wants to reform the accounting system with the goal of making clear the measurement of how companies produce cash and create value . How would you define the problem in the following case ? 2 MARKS
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8.I am working with English and need help answering some Jane Eyre questions. Only chapters 28-35 and 36-38. Chapters 28-35 Did any ...

36-38. Chapters 28-35 Did any events in Chapters 28-35 seem unrealistic, or improbable, to you? Explain. What happens to Jane on the way to Marsh End? What does Jane’s reaction to the news reveal about her? How does St. John help Jane? What news does he bring to Jane? What does Jane’s reaction to the news reveal about her? Why does St. John ask Jane to come to India with him as his wife? How does she answer him? What do you think Jane means when she says, “If I join St. John, I abandon half myself?” Jane comes close to changing her mind about marrying St. John. Why? What does her response to Rochester’s voice suggest about her values and feelings? What conflicts seem to be troubling her? What kinds of images does Bronte use to describe St. John? Give two examples. Why are these images appropriate? Chapters 36-38S Did you find the ending of the novel satisfying? Why or why not? What shock does Jane receive when she returns to Thornfield? What does she learn about its inhabitants? How does Rochester say he felt in Jane’s absence? What spiritual change has occurred in Rochester? Do Jane and Rochester still feel the same way about each other? Explain. In what way have the roles in Jane and Rochester’s relationship reversed? Is the situation at the end ironic?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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