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7.I need help with this stoichiometry problem. Aluminum metal and hydrochloric acid undergo a single replacement reaction that generates hydrogen ...

le replacement reaction that generates hydrogen gas. Which is the limiting reagent if 3.00 g of each reactant are mixed together? How much aluminum chloride will be produced (in grams)?
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8.I am working with English and need help answering some Jane Eyre questions. Only chapters 28-35 and 36-38. Chapters 28-35 Did any ...

36-38. Chapters 28-35 Did any events in Chapters 28-35 seem unrealistic, or improbable, to you? Explain. What happens to Jane on the way to Marsh End? What does Jane’s reaction to the news reveal about her? How does St. John help Jane? What news does he bring to Jane? What does Jane’s reaction to the news reveal about her? Why does St. John ask Jane to come to India with him as his wife? How does she answer him? What do you think Jane means when she says, “If I join St. John, I abandon half myself?” Jane comes close to changing her mind about marrying St. John. Why? What does her response to Rochester’s voice suggest about her values and feelings? What conflicts seem to be troubling her? What kinds of images does Bronte use to describe St. John? Give two examples. Why are these images appropriate? Chapters 36-38S Did you find the ending of the novel satisfying? Why or why not? What shock does Jane receive when she returns to Thornfield? What does she learn about its inhabitants? How does Rochester say he felt in Jane’s absence? What spiritual change has occurred in Rochester? Do Jane and Rochester still feel the same way about each other? Explain. In what way have the roles in Jane and Rochester’s relationship reversed? Is the situation at the end ironic?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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