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1.Problem: What is the probability of winning a bingo game with the first full board, and the last number being ...

ber being one out of three randomly picked lucky-numbers out of 75 before starting the round. 15 players, numbers 1-75, ticket containing 24 random numbers (5x5 with the middle filled).
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2.Methane gas and chlorine gas react to form hydrogen chloride gas and carbon tetrachloride gas. What volume of carbon tetrachloride ...

volume of carbon tetrachloride would be produced by this reaction if 8.91 cm3 of methane were consumed? Also, be sure your answer has a unit symbol, and is rounded to the correct number of significant digits.
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3.3. The university is studying how to project its expenses and revenues regarding the staffing of an MBA course. The ...

MBA course. The university knows that the probability of a student completing the course successfully is 80%. We take a random sample of 4, independent students. a. What is the probability exactly 0 students complete the course? b. What is the probability exactly 1 student complete the course? c. What is the probability exactly 2 students complete the course? d. What is the probability exactly 3 students complete the course? e. What is the probability 3 or (all) 4 of the students complete the course? f. What is the expected number of students (out of the 4 sampled) that complete the course? g. What is the standard deviation of the number of students that complete the course?
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4.C.1377. How many 6-digit cube-numbers are there? C.1378. Somebody calculated the exact values of and in the decimal system. ...

and in the decimal system. How many digits are there in these two numbers all together? C.1379. Alex and Burt took their rabbits to a whole salesman to sell them to him at once. Each of them got as many dollars for each of their rabbits as many as the rabbits they each took to him. But, because their rabbits were so beautiful, they each got as many extra dollars for their rabbits from the salesman as many as the rabbits they each sold him. This way Alex received $202 more than Burt. How many rabbits did they each sell to the salesman? C.1380. How many {a, b, c} sets are there containing three positive whole elements, where the product of a, b, and c is 2310? C.1381. Let a, b, c, and d be different digits. Find their values so that the following sum has the least possible number of divisors, but the sum itself is the greatest possible. C.1382. Fill in a 25×25 grid by using the numbers +1 and -1. Create the products of the 25 numbers in each column and in each row. Could the sum of these 50 numbers be: a) 0 b) 10 c) 17? C.1383. Is there such a triangle in which the heights are 1, 2, and 3 units long? C.1384. You put a plain on each side of a regular, square-based pyramid. How many sections do these 5 planes divide the space?
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6.Following a method) 4.3 x 10^8 + 2.5 x 10^7 Choose bigger number in 10 and add the first 2 numbers 4.3+2.5 ...

4.3+2.5 : 10^8, 6.8 6.8 x 10^8 But the answer is 4.5 x 10^8 How do i get 4.5?
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7.1) (Ch. 7) Explain what a residual is (also known as residual of prediction). 2) ...

e idea of “least squares” in regression (you need to fully read pp. 200-208 to understand). 3) What does it mean if b = 0? 4) What does it mean when r-squared is 0? What does it mean when r-squared is 1? 5) What is the difference in an unstandardized regression coefficient and the standardized regression coefficient? 6) If a report says test performance was predicted by number of cups of coffee (b = .94), what does the .94 mean? Interpret this. (For every one unit increase in ___,There is an increase in ___ ) 7) If F (2,344) = 340.2, p < .001, then what is this saying in general about the regression model? (see p. 217) 8) Why should you be cautious in using unstandardized beta? (p. 218) 9) (Ch. 8) Explain partial correlation in your own words. In your explanation, explain how it is different from zero-order correlation (aka Pearson r). 10) (Ch. 9) What is the F statistic used to determine in multiple regression? 11) What is F when the null hypothesis is true? 12) In Table 9.4, which variable(s) are statistically significant predictors? 13) In Table 9.4, explain what it means if health motivation has b = .36 in terms of predicting number of exercise sessions per week. 14) What is the benefit of interpreting standardized beta weights? (see p. 264). 15) What happens if your predictor variables are too closely correlated? 16) Reflect on your learning. What has been the most difficult? How did you get through it? What concepts are still fuzzy to you? Is there anything you could share with me that would help me address how you learn best?
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8.The Welcher Adult Intelligence Test Scale is composed of a number of subtests. On one subtest, the raw scores have ...

aw scores have a mean of 40 and a standard deviation of 5. Assuming these raw scores form a normal distribution: a) What number represents the 55th percentile (what number separates the lower 55% of the distribution)?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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