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On a coordinate plane point a is and point b is determine the coordinates of the point


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1.1) Follow the composition of transformations for your letter: a) Use graph paper and draw the 4 quadrants of the ...

adrants of the coordinate plane b) Reflect in the line: y = 8 c) Translate: (x, y) (x + 13, y+4) d) Reflect in the line: y = -x + 3 e) Rotate: 90° 2) Color each image a different color and outline it in black. 3) Color each quadrant in a different color (not the same color as the image or images on the letter in it). Use a mapping chart to describe each transformation. Use of notation is important. For example, T2,3 or ry=1, or R90° must be used in the mapping chart. Write a paragraph explaining who M. C. Escher and what contribution he made to art using tessellation. Define tessellation.
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2.The minute hand on a clock rotates in clockwise direction. If the clock was laid on a coordinate plane with ...

ne with its center at the origin and the minute hand currently had an endpoint of (- 4, - 6) what will the coordinates of the endpoint be in 15 minutes?
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3.The following table shows several ordered pairs of a function, m(x). x m(x) -1 -1.5 1 1.5 2 3 4 6 Graph m(x) on a coordinate plane to determine whether or ...

4 6 Graph m(x) on a coordinate plane to determine whether or not the function represents a direct variation. In complete sentences, describe your conclusion and reasoning. Include your graph in your answer.
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