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We at TutorEye understand that as parents you have a lot on your plate and especially when both parents are working, it gets difficult to handle children and their study needs during the pandemic.

An online tutor can step in and take the extra burden off from your shoulders and provide advice and guidance in the subject or topic that your child is struggling with.

Our tutors are carefully selected and trained to understand your child’s needs so that we can engage them in a deeper learning process and help them advance their knowledge and skills for a particular subject.

TutorEye is an online tutoring platform that connects the best online tutors to students through both desktop and mobile. Our platform also has a video built-in functionality along with whiteboard which can help break the ice and understand difficult concepts with ease.

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Math Tutors:

Choose from our pool of highly qualified online math tutors, who can help you solve any math problem from middle school to college.

Chemistry Tutors:

We promise you that our chemistry tutors can help you connect the chemical bonds and fall in love with the periodic tables in no time. So don’t wait and get answers to your chemistry questions online.

Physics Tutors:

From basics to advanced concepts our Phd. and master degree Physics tutors are available online 24/7 to provide answer to your question. Learn Physics at your own pace.

Biology Tutors:

Having a difficult time preparing for a biology test or understanding the concepts of cell division. Connect with our bio experts who have years of knowledge and experience teaching students online.

Computer Science Tutors:

Wanting to build a career in computer science and finding difficulty in solving the college computer science assignments? Chat with our subject experts now and take the extra stress away from yourself.

SAT Tutors:

Getting the right guidance and personalized attention in the very beginning can help students achieve excellent SAT scores in first attempt. It also boosts their confidence and of course, the end result is admissions to the dream university. So don’t spend time taking SAT exam twice and hire the right SAT tutor for your child now.

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