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List of AP-Math Tutors

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Betsy Wood

Bachelor of Science @ College of William and Mary

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Arulgnanam Balasubramaniam

B.Sc @ Bharathiar University

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Priyanka Ahuja

Masters @ Delhi University

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Manjula Balaji

post graduation @ Ramanujam Institute Of Advanced studies in Mathematics

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Amit Kathuria

B.TECH @ Kurukshetra University

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gautam gupta


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Anjali Shrivastava

B.Tech @ G.B.T.U

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David Sanchez

Bachelors of Science @ University of Florida

Facts about AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP statistics


Calculus AB and Calculus BC are designed to be college level calculus classes. With regards to the AP Calculus courses, you've 3 choices: you could take AB and BC calculation as a sequence, take AB Calculus only, or cut AB Calculus and go directly to BC Calculus. BC Calculus contains everything in AB Calculus, plus several additional issues. You may actually get an AB Calculus sub score whenever you take the BC test. So Calculus BC isn't necessarily more strenuous than Calculus AB. BC Calculus has to move faster since it covers increasingly material, which is what causes it to be more intense than AB.

Some schools teach AP Calculus BC in two class periods to easily fit into all the material, or have significantly more intensive summer projects. AP Calculus BC classes often cover everything in Calculus AB in the initial semester, while AB elongates that material out over the full year. If you do Choose to take Calculus AB and Calculus BC as a sequence - for instance take AB Calculus junior year and after that BC Calculus senior year - you do not need to worry about deciding between the two courses. Despite the fact you frequently get more school credit for BC.

Calculus, taking AB Calculus may be a great choice as well. Despite the fact that you aren't going to get to the additional issues that BC Calculus covers, you will still learn core calculus theories like limits, derivatives, and integrals. Taking AB Calculus may take back your schedule for one more course. AB Calculus will only be one class period, that could leave you room for another course. If you have not taken Pre Calculus yet, do not worry about deciding which calculus class you would like to take just yet.

AP statistics is also very important to get admission in good collage. One third portion of AP math exam AP statistics. AP statistics cover subjects such as dotplot, stemplot and histogram and inferences, etc. AP statistics can also enhance your score in exam. With shortcuts and tips that will save your time and give you ample time to revise your test during the actual exam. AP statistic cover following topics.

Exploring Data: Exploring bivariate data, Exploring categorical data Constructing and interpreting graphical displays of distributions of univariate data, Summarizing distributions of univariate data, Comparing distributions of univariate data Sampling and Experimentation:Overview of methods of data collection, Planning and conducting surveys, Planning and conducting experiments, Generalizability of results and types of conclusions. Anticipating Patterns: Probability, Combining independent random variables, The normal distribution, Sampling distributions.

Statistical Inference: point estimators and confidence intervals.

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