List of AP-Physics Tutors

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Manoj T.

M.Tech @ Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Techn

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Chinmay N.

Engineering @ VIT

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Shashi K.

Master's @ J

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Hemalatha R.

M.Phil @ Bharathidasan university

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Ahmed E.

Bachelor degree of engineering @ Cairo university

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mohit G.

b tech @ aktu

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Anshul K.

Under Graduation @ BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

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Manish K.

Master of Science @ Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

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Online AP Physics Tutoring Services

Do You Have Any Idea What AP Physics Is?

Advanced Placement Physics necessitates a vast understanding of several different topics in physics. An understanding of the AP types of questions it also a plus. However, Advanced Placement Physics is demanding indeed, and that is why TutorEye comes in to help you grasp the full knowledge of the subject and its related topics.

We have expert online AP Physics tutors who are available to assist you 24/7. Our Advanced Placement Physics tutoring platform, which is designed to teach you everything you need to know and help you prepare for the Avanced Placement Physics Exam or Test and ensure that your hard work pays off with an excellent grade at the end of the examination or test.

We Make the AP Physics Concepts Clear

Here at TutorEye, we also provide students Physics Tutors for an introductory experience in the concepts and methods of real analysis, focused on electrical circuits and simple classical mechanics. Inculcating the ability to reason quantitatively and qualitatively is our primary focus.

Our online AP Physics Tutors are intended to help you to think about physics concepts as interrelated pieces of a puzzle. The way out to the puzzle is how the real world around you works. You will take an interest in request based investigations of these points to pick up a more theoretical comprehension of these concepts. You will invest less of your energy in conventional formula based learning and a greater amount of your exertion will be coordinated to creating basic reasoning and thinking abilities.

We give You Primary Responsibility

We give you primary responsibility for building understanding with your chosen AP Physics tutor as a resource and guide. You will spend instructional time engaging with the textbook, problem-solving screencasts, online discussions, online homework problems, and tests/exams. Besides, you will find tutorial videos taught by our online expert teachers, problem-solving sessions with professional AP Physics tutors, interactive lab experiences, and practice questions.

What you will learn

  • Newton’s Laws and motion
  • Mechanical Waves and Sound
  • Conservation of energy and momentum
  • Gravitation
  • DC circuits
  • Waves and sound
  • Electric charge in matter
  • Electric forces and fields
  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Rotation
  • Oscillations and Gravitation

How Our Online AP Physics Tutoring Works

You will work one-to-one with our online AP Physics tutor in our designed classroom. TutorEye tutoring tools such as file sharing, an interactive whiteboard, and chat make it easy to work through questions about angular momentum, torque and rotational statics, and more. Our tutors not only help you with a range of topics and will work at your rapidity, but also help with Advanced Placement Physics assignments. Here at TutorEye, you ask the questions, our online AP Physics tutors give the answers and ensure you understand the answers.

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If you need extra help with electric forces and fields homework or preparing for an exam on Oscillations and Gravitation, our online AP Physics tutors can get you covered.