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List of tutor

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Bhaskar Karnam

bachelors @ western governors university

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David Sanchez

Bachelors of Science @ University of Florida

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Master of Science @ University of Miami

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Manjula Balaji

post graduation @ Ramanujam Institute Of Advanced studies in Mathematics

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Harikrishna Reddy

M.Tech @ Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

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Shawn C. Hedman

Ph.D. @ University of Illinois at Chicago

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Diana Mitchell

Bachelor of science degree @ Southern Utah University

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Priyanka Ahuja

Masters @ Delhi University

Why choose us


Online AP Statistics Tutors to Help You

Online AP statistics tutoring is a very effective way to top in schools and college exams where there is not sufficient in house help available. You can get to practice on sample test papers and learn all the formulas and concepts in just a jiffy! Students can also get plenty of assistance from professional AP statistics tutors online in subjects such as dotplot, stemplot and histogram and inferences, etc.

TutorEye gives you access to the most appropriately thought out and well designed tutorials and videos that solve all your AP statistics related problems within a short period of time.

The Online Study Convenience

With TutorEye you can access high quality videos, tutorials and test papers from the most skilled and highly qualified online tutors right in the comfort on your own home. There is no time wasted in commuting or the need for you to get ready and gather notes for an extra class after school. The only thing that you have to do is log in at a time that is most suitable to you and start studying. You can go through a plethora of videos, tutorials, statistics test papers, and practice till you grab the concept by the bone.

Real-Time Tutoring and Online Assessments

Yes, you can get your tests and practice papers assessed by online AP statistics tutors as well. There is going to be a panel of experienced and highly qualified tutors that is going to assess your tests and give you grades. They will also help you out in your weak points and provide you with short cuts and tips that will save you time and give you ample time to revise your test during the actual exam.

Costs Less Than Other Platforms

There are no charges levied on you whatsoever for accessing the videos and tutorials at TutorEye. Yes, all the data, explanations of the concepts, principles, methodologies taught, lessons and important tips are available for free. Per hour cost of availing online tutoring sessions at TutorEye is the lowest in its genre. There is no hidden cost or any charges that will arise later on, so you are spared of any surprises there. So, don't just sit there, log in now!