List of Proofreading Tutors

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Ahmed E.

Bachelor degree of engineering @ Cairo university

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Pratap R.

PG @ Manipal University

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Neeta K.

M.Com. @ University of Mumbai

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Jaya B.

Ph.D @ M.D.S. U

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Reena N.

Masters @ Punjab University, chandigarh ,india

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Andy M.

M:Ed TESOL @ Manchester University, UK

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Mohit G.


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Manish K.

Master of Science @ Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

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online proofreading tutoring

Expert Online Proofreading Tutor Advice

Online Professional Proofreading Tutors can help you gain a strong perspective of the English language as a whole. TutorEye has with it some of the most talented and highly qualified professional proofreaders. If you are looking for the right guidance as to how to go about editing and proofreading your chapters, essays, and thesis in the most appropriate way, you are at the right place. The proofreading services and assistance of professional English Tutors are not easy to find with traditional means, but tutoreye makes it easy for you to locate the right tutor for the job in no time.

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It is due to many factors and the first thing that comes to mind is the 24x7 availability of online tutors. Yes, you can stay connected to the teachers, professional copy editors and proof reading experts while on the go. You don't have to wait in line or sit outside the staff room waiting for the English professor to find time for your queries. In case you encounter any doubt or come across a problem that requires instant solution, all you have to do is find a cozy spot in the cafe or at the airport and connect to the online tutor of your choice. You can get your doubts cleared in practically no time and no one will be the wiser.

24X7 help from Professional Proofreading Tutors

The cost you see is another major point to be considered here. Most students and their parents alike are often worried about the fee that they would have to pay for seeking such expert and specialized help. Especially when it comes to opting for online tutors for the subject at hand we all tend to get more skeptical than usual. But with the TutorEye team you can rest assured that there are no costs or any hidden charges that are going to make you regret your decision later on. Choose wisely, choose TutorEye.

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