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List of Science Tutors

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Lourdu Mallavarapu

Ph.D @ Osmania University

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Subhankar Maiti

B.Sc and B.Tech @ University of Calcutta

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Pranathi Tatikonda

B.Tech with M.Tech @ JNTU college of engineering hyderabad

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Abhilasha Dwivedi

M.SC @ Vinoba Bhave University

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Amber B Ward

Master's @ National University

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Avni Grover

Masters of Science (M.Sc.) @ Thapar University

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Raunak Dhaniwala

Bachelor of Technology @ IIT Kharagpur, India

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Ishita Vig

B.Sc.(Hons.) @ Maitreyi College, University of Delhi

Why choose us

online science tutor

Convincing Facts Right before Choosing an Online Science Tutor

When choosing an online tutoring service to help you with your homework or test preparation, it is important to consider every detail before you make a decision. The service has to be feature and content-rich to ensure that your learning needs are addressed in every way possible. It is very important that all online Science tutors are certified and trained in their field of instruction to provide adequate help to students of different ages and skill levels.

You get stuck with any of your assignments always? Find it difficult to handle your project? Need to get ready for that next big test but there is too much stuff to revise? No wonder many students detest anything related to science, specially Physics at school. But with proper tutoring from experienced and patient physics tutors, students learning will become a delightful and easy process! With TutorEye, your homework problems will not be drudgery but rather a challenge you are willing to take!

How our Online Science tutoring Service Works

TutorEye Online Science Tutoring Service will not only assist you in getting on with your homework and effectively prepare for tests, but also induce standard and useful study skills, abilities and habits, which will allow students to solve their assignments without the assistance of any science tutor. Our tutoring servicewill instill confidence in the students and make them an engaged learner.

Round The Clock Availability - Our platform gives students the room for nonstop interaction with an experienced online science tutor. 24/7 service availability is ensured so as to enable students to solve their assignments at any time and time is only used when you enter the classroom.

Quality and Professionalism - our online science tutors are chosen after conducting a series of interviews with them and their qualifications are seriously checked before offering them a position of a qualified online science tutor at TutorEye. We have to be sure that our students are comfortable working with a particular science tutor and get the best help possible.

Affordability - Our science tutoring services are quite affordable and easy to get for student. Our services can be rendered to students at affordable fee - $ 7.99 for 30mins per month and can also refill anytime with multiple of $ 7.99 for 30 minutes.


Advanced Technology Helps You Learn Better;

Technology for improving and facilitating learning processes is everywhere. This includes for increasing performance within the education system. Our science tutoring service provides advanced and innovative learning technology tou you and your chosen online science tutor, to ensure the best learning outcomes. We have an interactive online classrooms equipped with an in house whiteboard, voice and text chat, in-built formula and text editor, file-sharing and screen-sharing tools. At the same time, TutorEye Online Science Tutoring Service has an extremely use-friendly interface and even our youngest students can easily use it for Science homework help and chat with tutors for free.

TutorEye offers you the very best online science tutoring services. Kindly register now.