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List of tutor

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Sandeep Khanna


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Santoshi Sridhar

msc @ mount carmel college

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Umair Khan

BSE @ Northern Arizona University

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Amber B Ward

Master's @ National University

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Cory Deeds-Rookstool

Bachelor of Science @ Wichita State University

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Pranathi Tatikonda

B.Tech with M.Tech @ JNTU college of engineering hyderabad

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piyush ranjan

B.Tech @ NIT Patna

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Ivan Rojas

Bachelors @ UCSD

Why choose us


Get your facts right before choosing an Online science Tutor:

If your child finds obstacles while working on his science homework, an online science tutor can be of big help.

But are you prepared to make such a big change in your daily, life? This is big decision for many as it entails deviating from the traditional methods of imbibing knowledge. This is not only about scoring well but also about finding the right way to understand the one of the most difficult subjects we have.

What, as a parent, can you do to help your child in all his science problems and worksheets? You don't remember a lot of the syllabi that you had learnt so well by heart as a kid. You are certainly not in a position to make more time to dive into the basics of the subjects all over again and start teaching your children. Therefore this becomes a more crucial decision than you might think.

How Our Online Science Tutoring Works

TutorEye is the biggest platform for Science tutorials and online science tutors who are very much expert in their subject and offer instant help and guidance to the students. There are online science classrooms and practice tests that are made available to your child via www.tutoreye.com registration that is completely secure, FREE and easy to use.

Comprehensive Help in Science subject - Online science tutors and classes are here to help students with everything from making diagrams to writing lab reports or understanding experiments that otherwise would take days to figure out. Online science classes with TutorEye are designed to help students understand the most difficult of concepts, be those of physics or chemistry or even environmental science.

Round the clock availability - The fact that online science tutors are available 24x7 throughout the year is another positive point. You don't have to wait in line for the teachers to get time or to find the right moment to solve your queries.

Affordability - Today students from almost all streams and not just science find it much easier to access online teachers and get their problems solved, their homework questions assisted with and their sample papers answered with just a click and within their budget.

TutorEye offers expert tutoring at lowest fee per hour; register NOW and avail the benefits.