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What is proofreading, and how is it helpful?


Students often don’t check their assignments before submitting them, and it can easily reflect on their scores. Proofreading is a kind of final check that is evaluated based on mechanical and grammar correction. 


Let’s understand with this example: 


Didn’t you knew that she was reading a books? 


So, you might have spotted the mistake here! If not, let us tell you where you go wrong! 



Wrong word Right word Why
Knew  Know Because we never use past participle or tense with did. We use present tense with did.
Books Book  Because a is an article which takes a singular noun. 




So, the right sentence is:


Didn’t you know that she was reading a book? 


Let’s understand it with another example: 


One of the best things my company has done, is the free leaves for April. 


One of the best things my company has done is the free leaves for April. 


The simple explanation for this is a comma before a verb changes the meaning of the sentence. It is that connection between the two clauses that make the whole difference. 


From typographical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation, format, placement to spacing issues, proofreading helps you revise and edit your document aptly. So that when students next submit their assignments, they are confident about that.


Also, a very important thing, proofreading adds a second perspective to your assignment. Sometimes we overlook things that look fine to us, but that can cause more harm than good. Thus, adding perspectives and taking help from a professional proofreader is the best choice you can make. 



Can students also learn proofreading in real-time? 



Yes, real-time revisions are our strength. We have tutors who can be awesome at teaching you the art of proofreading. Students can ask questions, and even put their opinions and discuss with the proofreaders.  Students can ask where they go wrong or what is missing in their writing and similar questions. So this is how they can gain clarity over essay subjects or different kinds of write-ups! 



True, we have language-specific proofreaders as well!



So, we do have language-specific proofreaders. Be it English, Russian, Arabic, or any language.  Our proofreaders will assist you in every step and make sure that you end up scoring well in your exams and holiday assignments. 


By the way, you can keep your general queries ready while making sure that your basics at proofreading get polished. 


With the 24/7 availability of proofreaders, you can access several tutor profiles and choose the one that you liked the most. 




Frequently Asked Questions



What is proofreading? 


Sometimes you write, and things slip through the cracks, and this happens mostly with almost everyone who doesn’t proofread their assignments or written content. Proofreading is done at the end of the assignment when the major task is to check through grammatical, typo, punctuation, and many more unnoticed errors. So, proofreading doesn’t brush over and instead pays attention to the minute details and requirements. 

Why do you need a proofreader? 


A proofreader can help you make your assignments, essays, or any written content look professional and apt. They are the experts and know-how and where your content needs to be edited or changed. 

Is proofreading easy? 


It seems easy, but it requires a lot of attention and technical expertise. Proofreading is must for everyone because it adds more clarity and expression to the content. TutorEye can be your best resource in providing the best proofreading online help at minimum cost. 

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