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Why should Arabic be the next language that you learn?

Arabic is the native language of Middle Eastern countries. It is known to have shaped many world events and international policies.

The language is spoken by around 300 million people. This makes it the sixth most spoken language in the world. 

Also, on 18th December 2010, the United Nations included Arabic as one of the official languages. The day is known as National Arabic Day. 

Arabic has the potential to make you stand out from the rest and have a leg up when it comes to having a  career in any industry in business, engineering, medical, nonprofit, and international relations. But the college students that study Arabic are less than one percent. 

Traces of classic Arabic can be found all the way back to the sixth century. Some believe it could even be further back with slight variations in it. Wouldn’t it be amazing learning the language which is 1500 years old?

Presently, there are more than 20 countries where Arabic is the official language. It has its influence on major languages like European, Asian, and African. English words like algorithm, cotton, talisman, magazine, etc have their origin in Arabic. 

If you are a literature enthusiast, Arabic can connect you with a great old history. It will also help you gain an insight into Islamic culture, beliefs, and traditions. 

The past decade has witnessed a soaring demand for Arabic speakers in the United States. So, learn Arabic online and prepare yourself to leave a mark in the professional world.


TutorEye knows how to help you master the Arabic language. Here’s how.

The trickiest part in learning Arabic is mastering the sounds that don’t exist in other languages. Hence, getting better at them would require a lot of practice from your end. When the sessions are one-on-one, you feel the freedom of making as many mistakes as you want, without the fear of being judged by anyone. 

Also, the writing system in Arabic does not follow an alphabet but an abjad. The letters in the abjad system stand for a consonant and not a vowel. The vowels are provided using the vowel mark.

Also, Arabic is a diglossic language. There’s one form for reading and writing and another form for conversing.

Since, you do not have to share the attention of your tutor at TutorEye, the sessions proceed at your learning pace. 

The expert language tutors at TutorEye lay a major focus on your fluency and pronunciation. And learning from a native Arabic speaker can help you perfect the forms and dialect. 

Excited to learn Arabic online and hone your language skills with us?

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Arabic Language Frequently Asked Questions:

Question1: How to learn Arabic?

The first step is to decide which form you want to learn. Modern Standard Arabic is a good option for new students. Start with understanding the letters first, then gradually move to words and sentence formation. Practice as much as you can by indulging in conversations and never stop learning new words to master the language. You can also learn Arabic online to have instant help from the tutors whenever you face a difficulty. 


Question2: How long does it take to learn Arabic?

Arabic is not an easy language to learn, but it depends on your ability and dedication. With the right guidance and learning methods, you will start to converse in Arabic sooner than you can imagine.


Question3: How hard is it to learn Arabic?

Some of the sounds used in Arabic do not exist in other languages. Hence, learning Arabic can become challenging. But when you learn from some who is experienced and understands the major pain points in the learning journey, you can definitely master Arabic.


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