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How to learn French with online help from TutorEye?


To all students who often wonder, “Is French hard to learn?”, our answer is not when you learn it at your convenience within the comfort of your home.


Whether you are a beginner or someone looking for proficiency- our personalized lessons are tailored according to your needs.


As a hub of excellent language tutors, our French tutor will make you feel comfortable and you will receive the best learning experience online.


In fact, to those of you wondering “How long does it take to learn French?”- our answer is- we’ll pick up the pace as per your needs. With a language tutor available 24/7 you can master the basics in no time.


After taking just a handful of lessons watch your fluency score rise as you continue to practice grammar and continue mastering new words and phrases.


Our experienced educators are easily available to address any query you may have and are heavily invested in you. Only after assessing your level and discussing your expectations, your language tutor will design the lessons for you.


Moreover, we provide you the opportunity to co-create your learning plan depending on your level and goals.


Have fun while you practice rudimentary and basic conversational French and words like “Merci”; “Oui”; “Au revoir”; “Rendezvous” etc. 


Get coached on basic, intermediary and advanced topics of the language so that you can finally watch that French movie that’s won accolades and more. We’ll make sure that the language trip on our platforform gets you where you want to arrive.


At TutorEye, our professionals will help you analyze  grammatical structures, discover a new vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation and intonation. We lay special emphasis on fluency and in building simple sentences for beginners.


French seems difficult only because students struggle with gendered nouns, tricky pronunciations and various verb forms. But with a dedicated language teacher by your side, you will become fluent and start speaking in no time!



Online French course customized to your needs


Become fluent in the language by tutoring from the best French tutors at TutorEye.


Here’s a snapshot of what your language teacher will cover in the classes:


  • Business French
  • Vocabulary building exercise
  • Introduce you to francophone cultures
  • Conversational French
  • Accent reduction and pronunciation practice
  • Basics of grammar


Our tutors build lessons around your needs and spend as much time you want or need on tougher lessons. Here we simply encourage you to speak more in the language and correct you (with care) when required.


With the help of experienced tutors who engage in various learning methods as they understand the difficulties in learning a new language.


Get tips to prepare for exams and hone new language skills with the best experienced teachers.


Let’s find the best teacher for you now!


Why learn French?


There are more than 300 million people who speak French on the five continents. After English, it is the second most widely learned language and a top choice among language learners.


French is one of the official languages of the United Nations.Often called the language of love, it is an analytical language that structures critical thinking and hones analytical skills. 


Here’s why you should learn to speak French:


  • French is an official language of Canada.
  • It is the fifth most spoken language across the world.
  • It’s easier to follow French thinkers like Auguste Comte, Rousseau, Voltaire, Descartes, Foucault and visionaries if you are versed in the language.
  • It’s a language of artists, culture and International Relations.
  • For the USA, France is one of the largest and a very important key economic partner also in terms of extensive bilateral trade.
  • Knowing the language can open opportunities for you to study at renowned French institutions and Universities.
  • Provides an insight into way of life and other cultures.


Besides, the ability to speak this language also gives you an edge in international job markets. So there are definite advantages to learning the fifth most widely learned language.


Get ready to learn French online to open new doors and opportunities for you. Gear up and register yourself for this language course at TutorEye today!



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