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Portuguese is the fastest-growing language in the world. Let’s learn more about the official language of 9 countries which is spoken by 236 million people around the world. Ready to explore it with TutorEye?

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Do you wonder why the Portuguese language seems so fascinating?

Until the 15th century, there was no difference between the Portuguese and Galician languages. It was considered a single language. As literature spread and flourished, the difference between them was clearly evident. Thus, the two grew apart, and Portuguese became the official standard language of Portugal. 

There are more than 10 million people who speak Portuguese in Portugal. The language originated from Latin, Western Iberian Peninsula. Today, it is known as the romance language of the world and also called the language of Brazil. Though it remains a fact that there are only 5% of the total Portuguese speakers living in Portuguese, the rest all are in Brazil. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Want to know some more interesting facts about the language?

If you are familiar with the Portuguese language, you must know the difference between Brazil and European Portuguese. Yes, they are the same but not exactly. The difference is in grammar, spelling, and some specific words. 

The greatest difference is between você and tu. They both mean ‘you’ in English but ‘Tu’ is considered as the second person singular while ‘Voce’ is called the second person plural.

In short, tu is informal and voce is a formal way to speak! They can also vary according to the situation but yes, they might look small differences, but they do matter. 

To learn these interesting facts on language and know the type of Portuguese language you should speak, you must get in touch with our Portuguese tutors and schedule your virtual classroom meeting now. 

A tutor can make you more familiar with the language and help you understand it easily. No matter what level you are at or how fluently you speak, they will make you an expert!

How can learning from a tutor help you?

One thing about verb tenses in Portuguese is that each verb tense in Portuguese comes with 6 endings. All these endings are different.

You have to focus on conjunctions that can seem challenging. But if you try to understand all those six forms in a way that makes sentences more clear and understandable, bingo! You are on the right track!

We also know that you are curious to know more about the Portuguese language, but understanding it in detail will help you learn better! 

So, why don’t you learn Portuguese online from our language expert tutor? Find your best tutor and get started with instant learning


Frequently Asked Questions 

How to learn Portuguese? 

You can take online Portuguese classes to improve your speaking and writing skills. Find a Portuguese tutors at TutorEye and start your journey. You can also learn Portuguese by listening to songs, watching TV shows or movies. 


Why learn Portuguese? 

Learning Portuguese can get you a job, it will help you in travel and it will help you explore different continents. It is one of the most ancient languages that can provide infinite insights on several things including history. Do you know Portuguese is inspired by Arabic? Hundreds of words have originated from Arabic. Usually, Arabic-derived words in Portuguese have ‘al’ in the starting.


How hard is it to learn Portuguese? 

Portuguese is an interesting language and it isn’t so hard to learn it. If you will practice and give proper time to it, you will ace it in a few weeks. You can also beat the standard learning time which is 24 weeks! Ready to do it? Try TutorEye and learn Portuguese online.


How long does it take to learn Portuguese?

It takes 600 hours or 24 weeks to learn Portuguese. It is the standard estimated time of learning. With TutorEye, you can also reduce the number of hours and consider a quick tutoring service anytime, any day.


Where to learn Portuguese? 

If you are planning to dive deeper into Portuguese and unravel one of the oldest languages of the world, we can help you! Let TutorEye be your instant support. Learn Portuguese from the top tutors and get started with personalized sessions!


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