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Reasons that would make you consider learning the Russian language? 


  • It’s the most spoken language in Europe and useful for a student who plans to pursue a career in it. 
  • Russia is a member of the G-20, United Nations, UNESCO, and many other international organizations. Learning the Russian language can help you increase your job prospects. 
  • Through the Russian language, you can study Russia’s culture, read its literature and also roam around the country without any language barrier.


Why is Russian as a language so difficult? 

The Russian language is considered difficult because of its grammatical structure. It can put you in some sort of dilemma as the Cyrillic alphabets used in it seem foreign. To a certain extent, it can push you hard on giving up as well. Well, something new is always tricky; there is a hack though. 

The time you start forming sentences in the Russian language, it’s a matter of days then. Also, if you know Latin, it is easier for you to recognize and remember various patterns in Russian. So, it’s a plus point for you.


How can Russian-speaking tutors at TutorEye help you? 

Now that you have made up your mind to study the Russian language, we would encourage you to go ahead and schedule your first-ever tutoring session with TutorEye. The Russian language is beautiful, and it’s appealing. 

It is a joy to learn a language that is not only a language of the future but has a great heritage attached to it. 

Our tutors will make you learn the Russian language in minimum time with personalized learning. It’s two-way learning where you can ask as many questions as you want to from the tutor. 

Be specific with whatever you want to ask, our tutors don’t accept hesitation, and you can always connect with them at any given point in time.


How can I prepare for the Russian language exam? 

If you have plans to study in Russia or are preparing for the Russian language exam, then our tutors can guide you for all the levels. From a beginner to someone who wants to polish their language, our tutors are 24/7 available for you. 

The tutor will help you cover all the important subjects, topics and provide you with assignments to help you improve at the language. Your active class participation can also speed up the whole learning process and make you more efficient at speaking Russian. 

Your course will cover listening, speaking, writing, and reading aspects of the language. You will also be introduced to the culture, foundation, and style of the Russian language.

Ready to learn Russian Online! Let’s start now?


The Russian language is native to 160 million citizens in Russia. It is the 6th official language of the UN and thus becomes an important world language. Zdravstvuyte in Russian is known as Hello, and we are happy to have you here. 

From fun quizzes to mind-blowing surprises in learning, get ready to learn a new language with more interest.


Russian Language Frequently Asked Questions:

Question1: How to learn Russian?

You can learn Russian online from TutorEye. We have native tutors with a stronghold on the language. You can connect with the tutors anytime and study according to your convenience.


Question2: How hard is it to learn Russian?

The Russian language is not difficult. It is easy to learn if you have an interest in it. Get in touch with the tutors at TutorEye and make learning easy, interesting, and fast. 


Question3: How long does it take to learn Russian?

It depends on your learning speed, but usually, it takes around 1100 hours to become proficient at learning, speaking, and writing. But, if you are willing to learn it with more zeal and enthusiasm then yes, time can be reduced.


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