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Why should the next language you learn be Urdu?


There can be many reasons to learn Urdu and each one of you will have your own. But if you are still not sure about learning this language, there are reasons that will definitely convince you to go ahead and find a tutor for yourself. 


Some of the richest literary works are written in this classical language, which began developing around the 12th century.


Written in the Perso-Arabic script, once you learn how to read and write in Urdu, you automatically get a stronghold of six other languages- Kashmiri, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pashto, and Baluchi.  


There are around 160 million speakers of Urdu in over 26 countries. So if you travel to any of these countries, be it for studies, work, vacation, or career opportunities, you won’t face a language barrier.  


Learning Urdu is also known to sharpen your analytical skills since it is written from right to left, which enhances your graphic structure. 


And you cannot help but notice how polite the language sounds. The words and phrases used are spoken in a dialect that seems to be coated with all of the sugar and honey. This is one of the strongest reasons people look forward to learning Urdu someday. 


So why wait for that someday when you can start learning now?  We have native speakers to train you too!



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How can TutorEye help you become fluent in Urdu?


Urdu is undoubtedly the most elegant language and it sounds extremely polite and sophisticated. This is the reason why it is a delight listening to Urdu poetry and reading Urdu literature. It allures you and wants to make you learn Urdu. 


Since it was born in the Indian subcontinent, it sounds very much like Hindi. But is Urdu an easy language to learn? Definitely yes, if you find a great Urdu tutor. It is a moderately difficult language to learn and it is considered harder than English. 


Even though the structure of sentences in Urdu, the grammar, and word construction are systematic, learning it still has its own challenges. Urdu is read and written in a different style, unlike other languages. Also, there might be confusion in using formal and informal verb forms or using the correct masculine and feminine gender.


Don’t worry, as a learner, it is okay to make mistakes, but with the help and personalized guidance from the experienced tutors at TutorEye, you will be able to speak Urdu fluently and flawlessly.



Frequently Asked Questions



How Urdu is written?


The Urdu alphabet is written right-to-left and is a modification of the Persian alphabet. Urdu is typically written in the calligraphic Nastaʿlīq script.


How can I learn Urdu fast?


Besides having the basic knowledge from Youtube and play store apps, learning Urdu online from an experienced and native tutor can greatly help you in becoming good at it.  You can also listen to BBC Urdu for extra help. 


Where is Urdu spoken?


Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. It is also registered as a regional dialect in Nepal. 

In India, it is spoken in Jammu & Kashmir, Telangana, Delhi, West Bengal, and 15 districts of Bihar.


What is the old name of the Urdu language?


Urdu had various names from the 13th century until the end of the 18th century.  Apart from being called Lashkari and Lahori, it has also been called Hindavi, Hindi, and Dehlavi.


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