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All about Integer and Rational

As an Algebra 1 student, you get to know about the different types of numbers, and how to use them. Integer and Rational are important among them. Learn about them here.

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Integer and Rational

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Top things to learn under Integer and Rational from the online tutor:

  • What is an integer?
  • Examples of integers
  • Integers on the number line
  • What is a rational number?
  • Examples of rational number
  • Can rational numbers be shown on a number line?
  • Relation between integers and rational numbers


Integer and Rational Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What are integers?
The integers are positive and negative whole numbers including zero. And, it does not include any fraction. Example: {-7, -1, 0, 1, 6, 12, …}.


Question 2: What are consecutive integers?
Consecutive integers are those integers that follow their successive terms in a sequence, or in ascending order. 


Question 3: How to add and subtract integers?
The addition of positive integers will always give us a positive integer and the addition of a negative integer will give us the sum that will have a negative sign.

And, the combination of a positive and a negative integer, or a negative and a positive integer will always result in subtraction. But the sign of the result will be the sign of the largest integer.


Question 4: How to simplify rationals?
To simplify the rationals, we need to write their prime factors and cancel out the common factors from the top and bottom.


Question 5: What are rational numbers?
A rational number can be written as the division of an integer by an integer. It can be represented in the form of p/q, where p and q are integers and q does not equal zero. 


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