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Core arithmetic skills are a must-have for excelling at algebra and beyond! 

Did you know that the word “Arithmetic” originated from the Greek word “arithmos”? It means “number”. 

Arithmetic is a branch of Math that you study from your elementary grades up to middle school. This is where you build a foundation for math and that’s also the reason why Arithmetic is referred to as the oldest and most elementary branch of mathematics.

In the topic of Arithmetic, students deal with basic math operations:

  • Students start by learning addition (+)
  • Then the second stage is to master subtraction (-)
  • followed by multiplication (* or x) and
  • finally learn the principles of division ( : or /)

Let us explain that with the help of a few examples:

Illustration 1

If Albert has 6 mangoes and Barabara has 10, then together they have 6 + 10 = 16 mangoes. 

This is an addition. Addition is a mathematical operation that explains the total amount of objects when they are put together in a collection as explained in the above example.

The more advanced level of addition is used for performing operations with negative numbers, fractions, decimal numbers, functions, etc. Students learn more types of arithmetic properties with the scope of addition such as Commutative property, Associative property, Identity property.

If Cindy takes away one of their mangoes, they are left with 16 - 1 = 15 mangoes.

This is subtraction. Similar to addition, subtraction is also an arithmetic operation that is used for understanding how many objects are left in the total after you take away a certain amount of objects from that total.

Once again, subtraction can also be performed on negative numbers as well as on fractions and decimals.

After mastering the concepts of addition and subtraction, students in elementary grade are introduced to multiplication and division operations. Let take examples:

If Albert and Barabara plant all those 15 mango seeds and each of them later becomes a tree with 15 mangoes each, then they now have 15 x 10 = 150 mangoes

This is multiplication. Multiplication can be correlated to the concept of addition. Students learn how to duplicate a number to itself as many times as the value of the other number.

Now they decide to distribute all the mangoes among their 5 neighbors equally, so each neighbor gets 150 ÷ 5 = 30 mangoes

This is division. Lastly, division becomes the fourth basic math operation. It means that students learn the concept of splitting something into equal parts.


Illustration 2

Emily has 1 pizza and she has to divide it among herself and her sister Dorothy. So, how much pizza does each of them have?

It is one divided by 2 i.e. 1  ÷  2 = ½. 

This is a fraction.

It can also be written as 0.5. 

This is a decimal.

Another method to write it is each one gets 50% of the pizza. 

This is a percentage.

You may have got a basic understanding of what to expect from basic arithmetic. But there is a lot more you can do with the numbers.

  • Explore the Exponentials!
  • Play with Proportions!
  • Interpret the interesting Integers!
  • Stimulate your brains with Surds!

Study all of those fascinating formulas and more with an online arithmetic tutor at TutorEye.


How can basic arithmetic get you prepared for advanced mathematical concepts?

Basic Arithmetic is an important skill that everyone is required to use in their daily life. You can use it to understand the time on the clock. Arithmetic will also help you to understand money and use it well. If you think it is cool to be a scientist or a sportsperson, arithmetic is of great importance. It is the language of calculation that is understood all across the world.

Moreover, in order to learn higher math, you need to have a good foundation in arithmetic. That is why it is good to brush up on your arithmetic skills if you want to have an easy time following math classes in higher grades.


Getting an A+ in arithmetic is possible!

Arithmetic is a progressive subject. What you learn today will help you tomorrow and so on. So, it is important to get good right from the beginning. The way to do it is by solving arithmetic problems regularly. The more you practice arithmetic operations, the easier arithmetic becomes and you get more accurate. This helps you score well in arithmetic.

When you find yourself unable to solve the problems and fearing the arithmetic test, some guidance from a knowledgeable and helpful tutor is a good idea. Do you agree?

So, where do you find good arithmetic tutoring?


Count on TutorEye to get the best help with Arithmetic

If you think arithmetic is hard, TutorEye’s expert math tutors are here to change your thoughts. The tutors here explain arithmetic in fun ways through interactive sessions. They make use of pictures, videos, interesting examples, and stories.

Whatever grade you are in, you can find tutors to help you out with your arithmetic needs. They can define arithmetic for you and help you in ways you understand best.


How to hire an arithmetic tutor at TutorEye?

We have made the process of hiring an arithmetic tutor very easy. You can choose tutors based on your schedule, flexibility, and choose a plan you like.

Sign up - Sign up on our website in under 2 minutes. It will land you on to our “all tutors” section.

Review plans - You will find different plans for using our services. Choose the one that suits you.

Fill the request form & choose a tutor - Give us details about when you would like to study and which topics are you looking for help for. We will find the tutors for you that are your best match. Choose a tutor from the suggested list and begin learning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: What is arithmetic density?

Arithmetic density is the number of people staying in a given area of land. For example, 10000 people stay in a town measuring 20 sq km. So, the arithmetic density is 10000  ÷ 20 = 500.


Question2: What is an arithmetic sequence?

An arithmetic sequence is a sequence of numbers with a constant difference between any two consecutive numbers.

For example, 3, 7, 11, 15 (the common difference between any two consecutive numbers is 4)


Question3: Who invented arithmetic?

No one particular person can be credited to having invented arithmetic. However, the earliest records of arithmetical evidence were found in countries like India and Egypt. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras is also credited with major contributions to arithmetic.


Question4: How to crack the test of arithmetic in all competitive exams?

To crack an arithmetic test, learn arithmetic topics you expect to be tested on. Then practice the problems regularly. It is also helpful to refer to previous years’ test papers and sample test papers to get an idea about the structure of the exam. By appearing for some mock tests, you will get confidence about the test and learn time management too. A proficient math tutor at TutorEye can help you give clarity of the topics and help you overcome mistakes so that you can crack your test.

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