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What if we say that learning with an online geometry tutor is the best way to upgrade?


Geometry is one of the oldest branches of Arithmetic. In Greek, it is known as Geo (Earth) + Metry (Measurements) = Geometry. It is all about the sizes, shapes, and dimensions of things and position angles. It deals with the properties, measurements, and relationship of lines, angles, and points to understand the unique and versatile relationship between objects of different kinds. 

Geometry is a study dedicated to shapes and figures. Plane geometry is known as 2D shapes (objects which have only length and breadth) and solid geometry as 3D shapes (length, height & width.)

Let’s understand this with an example. Don’t you think that a pizza slice looks like a triangle, football looks similar to a circle, and your garage seems like a rectangle? How are you able to define their shapes? Who taught you this? 

You can relate to this because of geometry. It is the base and beginning of measuring real-life dimensions. You know that earth is a circle because its shape is like a circle. You can measure it, and that’s the reason we know it is 12756 Eq. Diameter (km).

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For instance, a triangle is known as a 3 sided shape; each of its angles is 180* 

A square has 4 sides, and the measure of its interior angles is 360* 

It is the same between rectangle and quadrilateral.  

Every shape has certain dimensions, measurements, surfaces, and sides. These measurements help us calculate the total area and everything else about the earth.

There are several branches of Geometry which include:

  • Geometry 
  • Differential geometry 
  • Euclidean geometry 
  • Non-euclidean geometry 
  • Analytical geometry 
  • Riemannian geometry 
  • Projective geometry

Are you interested in knowing more about them and studying them in detail? Let’s do it with TutorEye’s best online tutors for geometry.


Do you want to become a Geometer- one who works in the field of geometry? 

If you want to learn high school geometry, then we have some of the best-qualified tutors who can teach you geometry with concepts, interest, and great examples. You can ask them doubts and put your confused thoughts to rest. Also, with 24/7 help, it becomes easy to clear your problems on the spot. TutorEye understands the need for quick and fair help, and that’s the only reason we are known for providing the best online tutoring.  


Become a geometer and succeed in your academic dream.

How to get better at geometry in a few months?


You can get better at it only if your basic concepts are polished. You know that geometry is a study that is used in life at several events. Its relevance remains consistent. When we are trying to make you understand this, we would also want you to know that it is more like a creative subject that is also analytical. Students are required to apply spatial and logical skills and put them to the best use along with geometric shapes formulas.

Arts, computer graphics, buildings, and interior designs are examples of geometry used in practical life. Even doctors use geometry to study cells and organs. How exciting it is to know!


What is the process to hire a Geometry tutor from TutorEye?

Geometry online tutoring is so easy with TutorEye. You can follow these steps quickly and start with online tutoring anytime. Choose your dates, flexibility and plan according to your convenience. 

Sign up - Sign up on the website. It takes less than 2 minutes, and after signing up, you can access all available tutors. 

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Fill the request form and hire a tutor of your choice- Just provide details on when you need your tutoring sessions, and on what topic, and based on your inputs we will match you with our best tutors. You can pick anyone from the suggested list and start learning.


How can TutorEye be your online geometry resource help? 

With TutorEye, you can improve your logic, reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. These skills play an important role in geometric help. There is no second thought that we will help you justify your time and energy through our best tutoring plans. Take a step ahead and put your search at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions from our Geometry Tutors


Question1: What is geometry?

Geometry is the study of sizes, shapes, dimensions of things, and angles. It is a branch of mathematics that deals with lines, points, surfaces, and shapes. 


Question2: What is a plane in geometry? 

A flat surface with no thickness is called a plane. There are two dimensions on a plane, and those are width and length. 


Question3: What is a ray in geometry? 

A ray is a line in geometry that has a single endpoint that extends to infinity in one direction. Though on its way to infinity, the ray may pass through several more points. Sun is a common and most prominent example of this. Sun’s ray in space is the endpoint, and it continues to travel till infinity. 


Question4: What is a line in geometry? 

When two points are connected and have a minimum distance between them is known as a line. In this figure, both the ends extend to infinity.


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