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Learn Precalculus. Get. Set. Go!

Precalculus is an important stepping stone on the way to high school and building a career in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field. As the name suggests, it is a Preliminary course to the mighty ‘Calculus’ course.

Precalculus is an elective subject most of the time. But some of the schools and colleges make it mandatory to study this subject in order to take up Calculus. In case you have a choice, it is still good to go through this course. It provides you with clarity about the algebraic tools you will need to use in calculus and get enough practice. There are new concepts like the derivatives which you may have not come across until precalculus.

Precalculus topics like inequalities teach you how to calculate the optimal number of goods to sell to maximize profits. In fact, if you are studying Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics alongside, you will find yourself ahead of your classmates who have not taken Precalculus.

Here you will discover how the math you learned over the last few years comes together and creates meaning. Algebra 2, Geometry along with Trigonometry pave your way to understanding concepts like limits and continuity, permutation and combination, the parabolas, hyperbolas and many other interesting precalculus topics.

Did you know that you can express the radius of a circle in terms of an equation? Welcome to the Precalculus course!

Gee, there will be mind benders and a lot of opportunities to geek out!


Hello to A grades with Precalculus Tutoring Online at TutorEye?

An experienced online tutor at TutorEye can help you use the precalculus calculator, understand the concepts of functions, and decode the formulas. Most importantly, with all the above you will see a boost in your confidence.

With the whiteboard, audio and video conferencing features, learning precalculus is easy and fun. You can use the tools to write the symbols and use the calculator. Further, you can simply upload files with your tutor in live sessions and ask them doubts.

Do you know what is better? The tutors can also teach you through using online graphs, bringing in useful videos and showing you multiple ways to reach solutions.


How to hire a precalculus tutor at TutorEye?

TutorEye offers you flexibility of time, date and an option to choose from different study plans. Follow the steps listed below to get help:

  • Sign Up - Visit our website and sign up in a matter of seconds. You will be greeted upon entering our website and reach the "all tutors" section.
  • Review Plans - After that, you can review the many plans that we offer to the students. Choose the most appropriate choice for you.
  • To hire a tutor of your choice, fill out the form -  You can now fill out a small form on our website detailing what you require assistance with and when you require it. Leave the rest to us.   We'll contact you as soon as possible with a tutor who is a suitable match for you.


Precalculus Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: What is Precalculus?

Precalculus is a math course you take in high school or in college before Calculus. It makes use of algebra 2, trigonometry, and geometry learned in preceding classes and adds new concepts to bridge the gap to the Calculus course.


Question2: What do you learn in precalculus?

This course helps you to learn about various functions, limits, derivatives, conics and a lot of brushing up on algebra and analyzing it deeply. Besides, you also get to learn higher trigonometry in precalculus.


Question3: Is precalc hard?

Precalculus is quite manageable if you have a good hold over your algebra and geometry classes from previous grades. In case you were not taught Trigonometry before, this can be a new concept that requires many students a good deal of time to learn. There are a few new topics like the conics which again may be moderately difficult. The main challenge for a student here is that they often have to recollect topics that they have studied a year or two ago in geometry or algebra 2, depending upon the order in which they took those courses.


Question4: How to pass precalculus?

To pass precalculus, understand it well by attending all the classes and completing your homework regularly. This is the single most important factor in helping you excel in your exams. In addition, take mock tests and help yourself evaluate your areas of improvement. TutorEye’s precalculus tutoring can always be your go-to place for online help with assignments, clearing doubts, and preparing for exams. Our tutors can adjust to your schedule and pace and get you exam ready.


Question5: How to learn precalculus?

If you are enrolled in a precalculus course in your high school or college, pay attention to the classes. If you feel you are struggling with the pace, try one-on-one classes with a precalc tutor. He/she can help you revise past topics as well as break down new concepts into simple and digestible parts. Besides, you can find the fun in precalculus by discovering multiple ways to arrive at solutions and learning through visuals and real-life examples where you can apply the concepts.


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