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We heard you need clarity on trigonometry and its basics?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to understand directions? Well, trigonometry helps in setting direction on the compass. So, that’s how navigators discover routes. Do you want to learn how astronauts are using Trigonometry? Why don’t you ask a tutor and take a deep dive into the amazing trigno?

Trigonometry is a fascinating subject for those who love mathematics. It is taught early in the junior grades, and then one can pursue it as one major subject of their chosen stream. It includes really interesting topics like knowing about angles, trigonometric functions, equations, and identities. 

But students often find it difficult. 

Yes, in general, it is challenging, but it all depends on how much interest you develop while studying it. Some certain specific functions and calculations are helpful. Basically, there are six functions of a right angle that are commonly used in trigno and those are:

Sine (Sin)

Cosine (Cos)
Tangent (Tan)

These are three primary functions that are commonly used where any of these two give the ratio of two sides (of three) of a triangle (90 degrees). 


Secant (Sec)

Cotangent (Cot)

Cosecant (Csc)

These three are not used much and are derived from the above three ones only. One of the reasons why they are not used in calculators and spreadsheets is that they are easy to derive.


six trigonometry functions



Are you thinking about learning trigonometry online? 

Now triangles have sides and angles. Those angles and sides share a very interdependent relationship. Of course, why not? After all, they both complete a triangle’s actual formation. Fun fact here, do you know the Egyptians used trigonometry for building pyramids? That too was a primitive form of trigonometry and back then in the 2nd millennium BC. 

Oh, trigonometry is such a subject that when it is used in practice, it leaves you surprised. 

Can you now imagine how important trigonometry has been even in the era which looks centuries old to us?


Do you know why you are afraid of the topic of trigonometry?

Because you never had an idea that trigonometry as a subject has a lot of relevance in our lives, so maybe you assumed that it is just that difficult part which has no use in future. But, from crime scene investigators, physicists to engineers, doctors, trigonometry is used by everyone in almost every field. It is used in solving major issues of the human era and even the outside world. 


How Can TutorEye be your support?

Our tutors are awesome, and their style of tutoring is brilliant. Once you start learning from them, you would love to interact more. So, we also have trigonometry cheat sheets, formula sheets, and tables for students. We think these sheets can be your go-to help! Have a look at the below:

Now put your search on hold and stop worrying about how to do trigonometry easily! Learn from the best resources, great tutors, and a student-friendly platform.


Why is TutorEye your best bet at learning Trigonometry?


Our tutors are concerned about your learning preferences as much as they are about the teaching methods. They keep upgrading themselves based on the latest trends in education as well as the learning style of each student. 


They won’t start focusing on the topic right in the very first lecture. In fact, they make an effort in understanding your academic goals and the weak areas in the subject that have been bringing your scores down. They also pay attention to the learning method that will help you grasp more and increase your productivity, so that you have to spend less time studying and more time to do things you actually love doing, without affecting your scores.


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Trigonometry Questions and Answers:

Q1. In ∆XYZ right angled at Z. What is the value of sinX-cosY

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 0
  4. 2sinX

Sol. (c)


Q2. What is the value of 30° +30° ?

  1. 3
  2. 23
  3. 1
  4. None of these

Sol. (c)


 Q3. In ∆PQR, Q vertex is at 90°. What is the value of tan⁡(P+R)?

  1. Not define
  2. 1
  3. None of these

Sol. (b)


Q4. James wants to know the height of a tree. He walks 55 ft from the base of the tree and looks up. The angle of elevation from the ground to the top of the tree is 45°. How tall is the tree?

  1. 55 ft
  2. 50 ft
  3. 45 ft
  4. 453 ft

Sol. (a)


Q5. In ∆ABC right angled at C, sinA= 12 and AB = 30 cm then find BC.

  1. 30 cm 
  2. 60 cm
  3. 20 cm
  4. 15 cm

Sol. (d)


Question For Assignment:

Q1. The value of sinα+cosα is

  1. Always greater than one
  2. Always less than one
  3. Equal to one
  4. None of these


Q2. What should be the angle of depression from the observing points P and Q of object A in this figure?



  1. 34°,26° respectively
  2. 65°, 34° respectively
  3. 26°, 34° respectively
  4. 34°,64° respectively


Q3. The tops of two building of height 100 m and 44 m are connected by a wire. If the wire makes an angle of 30° with horizontal, the length of the wire is

  1. 100m
  2. 132m
  3. 264m
  4. None of these


Q4. If 1+2sinθ=2, then what is the value of

  1. 30°
  2. 45°
  3. 60°
  4. None of these


Trigonometry Frequently Asked Questions:

Question1: What is Trigonometry? 

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the relationship between angles and sides. It is also concerned with the specific functions and how to apply those applications to calculations.  


Question2: What grade do you learn trigonometry?

Trigonometry starts in the junior year, but it also exists in the regular math courses. Students then take trigonometry as the mainstream and pursue a career on this line. Also, it involves algebra, geometry, periodic function and so many other concepts. 


Question3: How to find a trigonometry tutor? 

You can find an online trigonometry tutor and study from the best and experienced tutors. They can guide you on interesting concepts and teach you everything that includes the most complex questions, formulas, etc. 


Question4: Where can I study trigonometry online?

You can study with us! We are TutorEye, an online education platform. We understand that most children want 1:1 attention to become proficient at studies. Keeping this in mind, we have expert tutors of trigonometry who can teach you the best of everything including trigonometry lessons, functions, and formulas; just like you want.


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